Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hawaii: Day 6

By the sixth day, we were completely in love with the north shore and talking about how we could stay forever.  While the boys went out and did some spear fishing, the girls and kids walked down to Ted's Bakery.  Pretty small place but they have delicious breakfast sandwiches, pastries and pies. I will definitely go there again whenever we visit Hawaii next. 
Of course we couldn't pass up the famous Matsumoto's shaved ice. I'm not a big snow come person but wow, their stuff can't be beat. Plus, they have the best selection of souvenir shirts and hats and MAUI BABE! That stuff worked wonders on my pasty white skin. I should have bought several bottles, really. 
Have I mentioned how beautiful the trees are in Hawaii? Probably. But they are so beautiful! I love that they come together to form a huge canopy. We hiked to Manoa Falls and it was beautiful. We were all in awe the whole time. There are vines hanging from the trees and you can actually swing on them! So fun! Such different scenery than we are used to back in the desert of Utah. 
We finished off the day by eating at Banzai sushi in Haleiwa. I loved the atmosphere there. They have the option of sitting on cushions on the ground but we had too many people and couldn't do that. I tried the Red dragon, Crispy ahi, & Gnarly Marley rolls and they were all very good. 

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