Friday, July 29, 2016

Back, back again.

Back again.
Am I back to blogging? Um, I’m not sure… The other day one of my sisters-in-law asked me a question in reference to blogging and to be honest, I had kind of forgotten that I used to blog.  But Facebook does that thing where it reminds you of things you have shared in the past on that particular day and today it reminded me of a blog post from three years back.  So out of curiosity, I clicked the link back to my blog (that has been sitting idle for almost TWO YEARS) and was immediately sucked back in like you are when you find an old childhood journal.  At least, that’s what happens to me.  I’m a sucker for old journals, pictures, home videos and could spend dayyyyssss absorbed in those things.  So I realized, a blog does that for me too.  I love going back and seeing what I wrote about and the memories I thought were most important to record.  Because, lezzbehonest… I feel like I only remember the things I took pictures of or decided to write down.  The rest?  Who knows where it goes! (I feel like I need to watch “Inside Out” again…don’t they teach you about that? Haha) So as of today, I feel like I am starting again.  But take that for what it’s worth because my feelings change pretty rapidly from one minute to the next. J I love the creative outlet that blogging gives me and I feel like I have been pretty stagnant lately when it comes to creative things. So maybe this will help! We’ll see!

XO, Syd


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