Sunday, September 22, 2013

Welcome Fall!

Last night we did something that is socially unacceptable here in Utah Valley....we skipped the rivalry game between BYU and UTAH.  I guess you could say we aren't the biggest football fans in our house, but we're working on it.  Just kidding, we're not working on it at all.  Oh well.
Instead of watching the game, we snuck away for an evening at Sundance for the full moon lift rides.  Usually it is pretty busy up there but with the game being the same night, we lucked out and there was hardly even a crowd.  I didn't realize it at the time but last night was the last night of Summer.  I couldn't have spent it better had I actually planned it.  We picked up some burgers before heading up the canyon and ate them out on the deck at the base of the mountain.  I love visiting Sundance in the summer.  It's so peaceful and quiet.  We hiked around a little bit and I was just in awe of the beauty up there.  I have definitely added a new item to my bucket list: a weekend getaway in one of those cute cabins!  I was dying over how picture perfect everything looked and will now be saving my pennies for a little vacay there one day. :)
The weather could not have been more perfect last night either.  It was just chilly enough to use a blanket on the lift ride.  It was almost as if mother nature was giving us a glimpse of what lies ahead for fall with that slightly cooler air.  It was the perfect way to say goodbye to summer and made me ready for this new season.  So bring on the boots and oversized sweaters! I'm ready!

Happy First Day of Fall! xo

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


                                             ^^Hobble Creek^^
As soon as school started back up for Preston it seems like our life instantly became insanely busy.  He is working and going to school full time.  I am working full time.  He has a calling at church that keeps him on his toes.  I keep thinking of every project under the sun.  He became a beekeeper this year (can't believe I haven't posted about that) and he just extracted his first bit of honey.  I have a business idea that I can't seem to quit thinking about.  We clean our house one day and half the time you can't even tell we did the next day.  We have good intentions of getting to bed early, getting up early and going to the gym but more often than not, it just doesn't happen. 
The point is, we are busy.  And some days it is all a bit overwhelming.  For me, most of the time all of my busy-ness is self-inflicted.  As soon as a new project or hobby pops into my head, I have to do it right away or else it drives me crazy.  Lucky for me I have a very patient and loving husband who is the perfect soundboard and hug-giver whenever I need it.  I try to be the same for him but I know I fall short sometimes. 
Anyways, life is hard.  It just is.  But it's so good at the same time. 
We took a drive up Hobble Creek Canyon last night so I could take some pictures for a photography class I am taking (ahem, self-inflicted busy-ness) and we were amazed that Fall is already here! The colors of the leaves are changing and the air is feeling crisper.  We are just itching to go camping before the snow gets here!  It made me realize that even though life is busy now, I don't want to take it for granted.  I don't want to wish for these days to be over.  I want to enjoy them and live in the moment.  So if life is going to be busy right now, then by all means be busy.  But we are going to have fun amidst all of the busy. :)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

I seem to be having a hard time pulling the computer away from Preston now that school has started, making my blog posts few and far between.  Guess I need a computer of my own... hint, hint Preston :)  I'll make this short and sweet so Preston can get back to his homework.

We spent Labor Day Weekend down in Moab and Lake Powell.  We had such a great time!  We are so used to going to Moab and only being there for 24 hours each time so it was nice to actually spend some time down there and get to relax (aka sleep in :).  I spent some quality time with my nieces, letting them play with my old American Girl dolls.  They were ecstatic.  They ask me to play with them all the time and I finally gave in. :)  They were in heaven and I loved watching them play.  We had a farewell to summer BBQ of sorts with both of our families in my parent's backyard.  Not only did it make me want summer to last forever but it made me yearn for the day that I have a backyard (with grass) to hold BBQ's like that.  I can't wait!  And last, but certainly not least, Labor Day was spent playing at Lake Powell.  It is one of my favorite places and I hadn't been there in 2 years so it was long overdue!  We had an absolute blast.

Aaanndd since I'm falling asleep writing this, let the photo overload commence :)

^^decisions, decisions^^

^^love these sweet girls.^^

^^she loved being like the big girls^^

^^mommy in training^^


^^some very wonderful people all captured in one photo^^

^^love this spunky little girl...who is starting to be not so little anymore :(^^

^^love her!!^^



^^cute hubby and his daddy. blurry but still a goody^^

^^love my mom's face in this one.^^

^^beer battered onion rings!^^

^^beautiful setting^^

^^sad this turned out blurry but I love the happiness in their faces^^

^^london & stephen's headstand contest^^

^^no words^^

^^we like Lake Powell for different reasons but that's okay, we both get to do what we love in the same place.^^

^^cute girlies^^

^^millie in her life jacket.  call us crazy dog people if you want but it's still funny :)^^

^^my love^^

Weekends like this are my absolute favorite!  Not sure why every day can't be like these ones ;)

Happy Monday! xo


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