Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hawaii: Day 2

Day two started at the crack of dawn.  4am hit and it seemed like everyone in the house began to stir at once. Our internal alarm clocks were very much still on Utah time. As soon as Preston and I opened the door to our bedroom, my little four year old nephew was right in the doorway waiting to play.  I've realized that since we don't provide any cousins for our cute nieces and nephews to play with, they treat us like their cousins. That's okay because we love it!

The first thing we all did was head right outside to start playing in the water and watch the sunrise. I really wish we always could have stayed on that schedule of waking up at 4am because the first few days we were there, we were able to get a whole days worth of activities in by 10am. It was great! But we slowly stayed up later and woke up later and before we knew it we were programmed to Hawaii time. 

There was the best little running trail that went right behind the house we stayed in and went along the beach for miles. My older sister and cute little niece got out and ran on it that first morning there. Since we woke up so early it wasn't too hot yet and was such a beautiful time of day to run.  Definitely the prettiest run I've been on to date. We ran past the Bonzai Pipeline where they hold the big surfing competitions but unfortunately the waves aren't very big this time of year.

My adventurous husband retrieved a coconut from a tree, cracked it open and drank it for breakfast.  If anyone knows how to enjoy a vacation, it's definitely him. He always makes the most out of any and every situation. I love that about him.

Later in the day we hit up the Swap Meet at the Aloha Stadium.  This was definitely the place to go for cheap souvenirs.  Everything was way more reasonably priced here than any gift shop we ever went to. I would highly recommend going here if you are wanting any sort of knick knacks. 

After the swap meet, we went to Pearl Harbor.  It's close to the swap meet so it works well to do these two things on the same day.  I loved Pearl Harbor.  Watching the little film in the visitors center was my favorite part. It was so neat to see actual footage from the attack.  I couldn't help but imagine the chaos that had to have broken loose on that day.  Just thinking about it breaks my heart. It makes me very grateful for all the men and women that defend our beautiful country and keep us safe.

We were able to go out to the USS Arizona Memorial while we were there. There is such a reverence there that I can't even begin to put into words.  You can't help but imagine all of the innocent lives that were taken in that very place and the repercussions of that event.  It was definitely a very humbling experience. 

While the boys (& Emily) went to tour an actual battle ship ^, the rest of us girls and kiddos escaped the heat at Jamba Juice. 

Apparently the color of the day was pink. :) ^

^ One of the only shots I have of our house and this is from the back. It doesn't do our location justice one bit!  Literally right behind this is the ocean!!

It was Stephen's (my bro in law) birthday that day and we celebrated by going out to dinner at a yummy mexican restaurant called Cholo's.  Soooo good! Out waitress was on the ball with the chips and salsa, which is always a bonus in my book. Seriously, each time it emptied she was right there to give us a refill. And the salsa was delish.  I got the Spinach and Cheese Enchilada and I loved it! I had never thought to put spinach in an enchilada but I really liked it. Everything was reasonably priced too - like $8-$15 a plate. Which in Hawaii is pretty rare so I considered it a good find.  I know most everyone else liked what they go too so I would highly recommend it. 

We finished our night off with an ice cream cake from Cold Stone (!!!!!) and hit the sack early again since we still hadn't quite adjust to Hawaii time. 
And that was day 2! Go here to see Day 1.
xoxo, Syd

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