Sunday, November 11, 2012

family time

Family time is the the best time, in my opinion.

Last weekend we rented The Avengers and decided to watch it and have a sleepover in our front room. It was so much fun! We both ended up falling asleep half way through and it was perfect because we didn't have to wake up and go to bed - we could just keep sleeping! So much fun! I plan on doing it again. :)


I also went on a bit of a crafting spree last weekend. For some crazy reason I woke up at 630 on a saturday morning and couldn't fall back asleep! 
I gave up trying and got right to crafting. I might be crazy ;)

Burlap Fall Wreath

Polka Dot Pennant Banner :)

This is our "Thankful Banner" thanks to pinterest :) I love it so much! Each day we right a little something we are thankful for. 

On Friday my cousin Brendan was married in the Bountiful temple. He and his wife Lexi are so cute! They are very much in love :) 

It was so snowy on their wedding day and some of us forgot to bring an umbrella so we had to use our scarfs to try and protect our hair :) Love my sissys! I got to see all of them this weekend!! :)

In between the luncheon and the reception, we went and checked out Sheels, the new sporting goods store. The Hubby loved it! And I didn't mind it either. :)

Riding the Ferris Wheel at Sheels :)

Some of my cute nieces! :)

I finally got to hold this little bug this weekend!!! :) He is an absolute doll.
Beckham Mathew, my newest nephew :)


On Saturday we woke up to a winter wonderland!!!! Some little doggie loves the snow....

We took a drive up to Sundance with my parents and Emily to check out the deals they were having on ski gear. We found some steals :)

Anyone else think my husband looks a little bit like my dad? Notice their hats, fleece jackets....

They even walk the same! It was cracking us up! 

Cute sissy:)

My parents hadn't seen much of City Creek so we headed up there for the rest of the day. It started to snow again as soon as we got there! I love this time of year! 

I have the cutest hubby :)

We ended the day with that delectable caramel up there. Perfect ending to a perfect weekend with some of the ones we love :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

little sister visits :)

Every couple months Preston and I have the chance for my little sister, Emily, to come and stay with us for a couple of days. 

She likes adventure and experiencing new things so we really try to get our creative juices going when we know she is coming to town. This time around was easy. As much as she has visited us, she's never hiked the Y. So that is what we did.

Emily, Millie and I spent the morning hiking the side of Y mountain. Luckily, it's just a short hike but it was a little steeper than I think Emily was anticipating. She finished though and was so proud of herself! 

The main event of her visit was by definitely the Haunted House we went to. I'm so sad we don't have pictures to document it.

I'm not big into them and neither is Preston, but it is totally worth it to see Emily's reactions. We got a good ab workout from how much Emily always makes us laugh.

The rest of her visit was pretty low key. We did some shopping, ate some delicious pizza at CPK, indulged in frozen yogurt (always on the agenda when Emily comes) and visited with dear friends of ours that touch Emily's life more than they will probably ever know. 

Thanks for visiting, Em! We love you! 

Friday, November 2, 2012


This was a halloween that went down in history for the Bishoff's....we FINALLY dressed up! 

Every year since we have been married I have wanted to dress up but every year we haven't had a good enough excuse to do it. 
Well, this year (thanks to our bro & sis-in-law) we had an excuse! 
We were crunched on time as far as coming up with a costume goes so we decided to be super traditional and go as MUMMIES!  

The costumes only lasted about half way through the party but I definitely have to say getting ready was the most fun part. (it's not every day you get to do your husband's makeup:))

So here you have it: 
The Mummies and.....the lady bug (random, yes. but we couldn't not dress her up!) 

This was such a quick and easy and CHEAP costume! We bought plain white fabric at walmart, tore it to shreds and wrapped ourselves up. 

If I had more time I would have made it look more old and tattered but I think it turned out pretty good for being last minute! Not to mention, my goal of dressing up as a couple on halloween finally happened!! :)


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