Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ogden Temple Open House

Last night we had the opportunity to attend the Ogden Temple Open House with the youth in our ward.  It's about an hour drive away from where we live and we were lucky enough to have the Jones' ride with us.  More on them later but I just have to say they are the absolute sweetest!  We love them.
I was a little skeptical about actually being able to get in the temple when we arrived and saw the GINORMOUS line.  Seriously, it was out of control.  But we hopped in line and it moved a lot faster than I anticipated it would.  As we entered the temple, I couldn't help but imagine what it must feel like for those visiting the temple for the very first time. This is a time that anyone and everyone can enter the temple, regardless if they are a member of the church or not.  I imagine they would notice how beautiful it is.  How much attention is paid to every little detail.  As I wondered what someone from the outside looking in would think, I found myself noticing how the beauty of the temple is really, so very simple.  It isn't filled with lots of little trinkety things, but rather it has fewer things that are really nice.  It allows you to focus on the beauty of a single painting without being distracted by a bunch of clutter.  One corner might have an equisite piece of art while another has a beautiful flower arrangement, but very rarely were they placed together. I feel like that there is significance in that. It allows us to focus and to devote our time to understanding and noticing things one at a time.  To truly try to understand what the artist or designer is trying to portray.  It is also interesting that not everywhere you turn do you see a picture hanging on the wall.  Sometimes you simply see a clean, blank wall.  I feel like that allows for meditation and interpretation of the feelings that can be felt within those sacred walls.  And sometimes you see a mirror, causing you to reflect inward on yourself. To think about ways in which you can be better and to also be grateful for how far you have come and for your future potential.  Now, these are just my interpretations of the beauty and design of the temple.  Certainly not doctrine.  Most likely interpretations that stem from growing up in a furniture store. :)  But the temple truly is beautiful.  If you live near one that happens to have an open house going on right now, you should go! Even if you are not of this faith, still go.  It is truly amazing and is an experience you certainly won't regret. :)

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