Tuesday, September 2, 2014

4 years!!

I had big plans for our four year anniversary and I was going to surprise Preston with my elaborate plan.  Tickets to Wicked, dinner at a fancy restaurant - the whole bit.  But I didn't.  I couldn't stomach $250 tickets (a piece!!) to Wicked for seats that I had no idea whether or not we would even be able to see the show.  And luckily the hubby agreed that that was a smart move on my part so we decided instead to just go to a nice restaurant.  I insisted I still wanted to make the night special so I would take care of finding a place and getting reservations.  Well I did my homework and found several options that I thought we would like.  I called the day before (first mistake) and figured that would be plenty of time to make a reservation.  Nope.  They are like two weeks out at EVERY place I tried! To say I failed in the anniversary planning deparment would be an understatement.  We found ourselves trying to think of a place to eat the night of and ended up at Gloria's Little Italy.  Neither of us had been and I don't know that we'll ever go back.  We tried there Gnocchi and it just didn't compare to the Gnocchi we know and love at Pasta Jays. :)  After dinner we had plans of maybe seeing a movie but decided we both were a little too tired and instead looked at the progress on the new City Center Temple and then drove around looking at homes and pointing out ones we did or did not like.  Our styles have become so similar in the home department. It makes me so excited to build our dream home together someday. 
From the sound of this^^, we sound like an old maried couple.  But I love it.  I can't imagine anyone else I would rather grow old with.  I love you Preston K and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us!
xo, Syd

Past anniversaries here: First, Second, and Third

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