Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

It didn't occur to me until recently that it has become a tradition of ours to spend Labor Day Weekend at Lake Powell.  Growing up, we always visited the lake over the 4th of July but for some reason that weekend hasn't panned out since we've been married but Labor Day always has.  With the exception of one back here. I love the Lake.  I could ride around on the boat all day long and be happy.  It is so relaxing to me. 

My little nieces and nephews are definitely good at keeping me from just relaxing on the boat though, that's for sure. They got me kneeboarding, tubing, & swimming, when normally I can either take or leave any of those things. The two oldest girls were introduced to a mild version of the whippersnapper on the tube and they loved it. Corgan and Claire, who are four, even made it out on the tube this time at a much slower speed, but they loved it too! It is so fun to watch these little kiddos experience the same things my sisters and I did growing up. I love it! I'm so excited for the day when it will be my little kids experiencing the very same things. :)

It was a very last minute decision but Preston ended up not being able to go this year.  He has recently changed his major to Biology with the goal of going to Med School (more on that later).  He has some pretty high standards for himself so that he can reach his goals and unfortunately had too much homework over the weekend that required internet access.  So he stayed behind while I went and played at the lake.  Sounds pretty selfish when I say it like that but he insisted that I still go on without him.  I picked the best of the best, I tell ya.  He is so devoted to our little family and so willing to make sacrifices for us and I know that these sacrifices will definitely benefit us in the long run.  But he sure was missed!  I never have as much fun when he isn't with me.  He just gets me, ya know?  But I had a few young girls (and boys) that were more than happy to entertain me in his absence.  They even made sure I didn't have to sleep alone at night! :)  And let me tell you, sleeping with a 6 year old and a dog is not going to give you the best nights rest you've ever had.  I either had Madi's arm across my face or Millie's panting because she was getting too hot to keep me nice and alert. Claire was in the bed next to us, London underneath the bed I was sleeping on and Emily in the bed on the other side.  It was one big, giant sleepover! I don't think that camper has ever had so many people in it.  I love making memories like that.  I will take that over a good nights rest, any day! :)

We attended church at the little branch in Ticaboo on Sunday morning and something that was mentioned in Sunday school has really stuck with me.  I can't remember how exactly they worded it but I really loved it.  It went something like "when the time for decision is here, the time for preparation has past."  Such a simple statement but can apply to so many different facets of life.  Be it spiritual, physical, mental - whatever! It is so important to be prepared so that when the time comes to prove yourself or to accomplish something, you're ready.  I definitely need to be preparing more...that's probably why it hit me so hard.

So until next year, Lake Powell! We sure will miss you over these next few cold months!
xo, Syd

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