Monday, September 8, 2014

The Weekend

Some highlights of our weekend: 

+ My Zinnia's (above) seem to be the flower of the year for us this summer.  They are blooming out of control!

+ My little sister Emily stayed the weekend with us.  When some of our cousins asked her how she liked the Ogden Temple Dedication a few weeks back, she responded with: "STUUUUPID!".  She was referring mostly to the amount of stairs she had to climb and she was upset that they wouldn't give her a wheelchair or let her ride the elevator.  She loved everything else about the temple, just not the stairs. :)

+ We ate at Taco Burrito.  If you are in Utah Valley, you must try it.  We love it. 

+ Watched way too many episodes of Pretty Little Liars....It sucked me in once again. 

+ Worked out with Emily and went swimming with Katie and her cute little boy, Harvey.  That baby is the cutest, I tell ya.

+ Attended a fireside where Tito Momen, the authoer of "My Name Used to Be Mahammad", spoke.  He did an awesome job! He and Preston had a class together during the Summer and it has been fun getting to know him.  What an amazing man he is!  I haven't read his book but Preston has and says it is amazing. 

+ Killed our rooster. :(  Not me, but Preston.  Provo isn't a big fan of roosters and apparently, neither are our neighbors so it had to go.  This was the first chicken I had witnessed being killed and I did not like it.  Such a pretty rooster, really.
+ We fell asleep to the sound of thunder and rain last night.  Can it get any better??
Hope you all had a happy weekend!  Now it's back to the daily grind! :)
xo, Syd

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