Friday, September 5, 2014

Bishoff Reunion: Cedar City, UT

Waaaaay back in June we had the annual Bishoff Family Reunion.  Every year a different couple is in charge of planning it and this year it was Chad & Brooke's turn so we did it down in Cedar City.  Having someone different plan it every year is fun because we get to experience a new place and new activities each time.  It's also fun to experience what everyone likes to do for fun in their towns.
The reunion started off a bit rocky for some with flights being delayed and re-routed but everyone made it!  It's the last time all of us will be together for a few years so it was a great last hurrah.  Chad & Brooke took care of preparing all of the food which is not an easy task for that many people.  But they did awesome and we never went hungry! 
The first morning we went to the Happy Factory. It's a little factory that makes little toy cars out of scrap wood and sends them to children around the world that otherwise wouldn't have a toy to play with.  Everyone that works at the Happy Factory are volunteers.  No one is paid.  All donations go directly to the production of the toys.  Such a neat organization.  We spent the morning putting stain on the cars that had already been assembled.  It was fun knowing we were contributing in the process of making little kids somewhere happy.
A Bishoff get together is never complete without a cookout and a little fishing.  We spent the rest of the day up in the mountains above Cedar City which was absolutely beautiful.  I never realized how pretty it is down there but it really is!  We ate dinner, fished, and even saw some elk.  Preston claims to have seen a mountain lion but somehow no one else saw it so I'm not sure we believe him or not. :)
^So far we have a picture of Preston and his Dad every year like this during the reunion.  Somehow Ken sets himself up for it perfectly every year. :)
^The mighty fly fisherman. One of these days I'm going to have him teach me how to do it. 
^My biggest accomplish this summer: mastering the fishtail braid! ha!
^The June Bug and I.  Now she lives way too far away for my liking. :(
^4 Generations of John Bishoff's.
^The babies :)
Like I said, this was the last time all of us would be together for awhile (Preston's brother and his wife moved to Florida for a PhD program) so we had some nice family pictures taken. They turned out really well considering we have 9 little grandkids all under the age of 7! But they all behaved and the pictures look great! We relaxed for the day after that, spent some time up at a little reservoir right in the middle of town and then went our separate ways. Thanks for the fun, Bishoff's! Can't wait to see what Scott & Brit have in store for us next year! :)
xo, Syd

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