Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Camping at Diamond Fork

The end of summer is inevitably coming and that realization has made Preston and I a little uneasy. We had a few setbacks that made it hard for us to be adventurous this summer but all is well now and we are back at it! 
Two weekends in a row we headed up to the mountains for a quick little overnighter.  I've come to realize that I've become pretty picky about where I will camp.  Actually, I only have one request and that's that it has to be pretty.  No camping in baren fields or deserts for me.  I've gotta have some trees! Maybe one day I'll come to appreciate camping in any setting but that day hasn't arrived just yet :). 
The first weekend we ventured out, we literally thought we'd drive for maybe 10 minutes and find a place.  Well, apparently everyone else in Utah Valley went camping that weekend too and we ended up driving around, searching for the perfect spot, for almost 2 hours.  We started in Hobble Creek and ended up in Diamound Fork.  But we found a spot and there were trees!  One big one to be exact!  We liked it so much that we went back the next weekend to the very same spot with the Halvorson's and their cute little dog, Brody.  Unfortunately I forgot my camera for that trip but we had good food (have you tried pizza sandwiches?? yum!) and even better conversation.  We had plans to go back again this weekend but the rain scared us away.  Hopefully we'll get some decent weather at least one more time before the snow comes.  We need as many outings like these as we can get! 

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