Thursday, September 4, 2014

A weekend in Moab!

Last month, my sister turned 30.  This is the second sister to reach this age and I admit it's a bit wierd to me that we are already to this point in our lives.  Luckily, I still have another five years before I get to that big milestone. :)
To celebrate the occasion, I headed down to Moab for a quick little trip.  I finally got the chance to eat at Miguel's after years and years of my sisters telling me how I needed to try it.  Well, it didn't disappoint, that's for sure!  I'm still dreaming of their fish tacos! If you are ever in Moab, you have to indulge in a few of their restaurants.  For a small town, they have the best selection.  All are unique to Moab with the exception of Pizza Hut, Denney's, McDonald's, and those sorts of places but as for nice places to eat - all original! 
We put together a little party for my sister and we went Paddle Boarding down the Colorado River. We were all a bit nervous before we went since most of us had never done it before but it ended up being so fun! Granted, we didn't go down any rapids or anything and most of it was flat water but still, it was an absolute blast! I am ready to buy myself a paddle board. :)We had some really great guides that made the experience even more fun. Seriously, one of them towed my little sister on her paddle board for a good 2 miles and sang Disney songs with her. We loved him!
To finish off the day, we had a little party out at the Aarchway Inn. It is so beautiful out there. It's also where Lindsey got married so it was fun to be back out there again for another one of her special days. We had a mexican food potluck since Mexican is her favorite type of food and just visited and let the kids play. My little nieces were excited that I let them play with my DSLR (under close supervision ;) and took pictures to their little hearts content. I was impressed with some of the shots they got! Little photographers in the making. :) It was a beautiful weekend with family and I feel so grateful to have so many wonderful people in my life.

 xo, Syd


  1. So fun :) I miss Moab!! Also, you & your blouse are beautiful!!!

  2. I love your posts! Great pictures! Makes me feel like I was there :)



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