Monday, July 29, 2013

Bishoff Family Reunion

In June, we had a family reunion in Moab with the Bishoff's.  We got to spend three days there and we had an absolute blast.  

We had a little competition with launching rockets.  Each family had to build their own rocket but all of the rockets had to have the same engines.  Preston and I are a couple of procrastinators when it comes to things like this and ended up building ours the night before (and when I say we I really mean Preston. He did all the work).  Let's just say you could tell.  Everyone else's rockets launched perfectly.  Ours, on the other hand, gave everyone a good laugh.  Instead of going straight up in the air, it did all sorts of loops and spins before smashing right back down into the dirt.  Better luck next time I guess!

^^Sweet little Mark^^

 ^^Miss Joslyn^^

^^All the rockets lined up and ready to launch^^ 

^^Cute kiddos^^ 

 ^^Miss Makayla June^^

After the rocket launch, we went to one of Moab's natural swimming holes: Left Hand.  Everyone had all sorts of fun catching minnows, crawdads, and pollywogs.  I stayed right behind the camera during all of this since I'm such a wuss when it comes to slippery, slimy, creepy, crawling things. :)

^^Chad one of the crawdads^^ 

^^Millie hates the water but apparently loves the dirt.^^

^^Ken & Kiley^^

^^Sally & Cynthia finding pollywogs^^

^^Christine & Makayla^^

^^Darren, Emily, Ryan & Evan^^

^^Darren & Cynthia^^

^^Ryan & Mark^^

^^The whole group! We missed you Scott, Brit, & Sammie!!^^

One evening we headed up to Pack Creek Campground for a cookout.  It was so peaceful and quiet and not to mention a lot cooler than it was down in the valley!

^^Ken's signature pose at family reunions.  We have one just like it from last year's reunion. HAHA^^

Our mountain was on fire that night.  As sad as it was it was kind of neat to see at the same time.

^^Kiley & Joslyn^^


^^John & Christine^^


^^Sally & Makayla^^

We had so much fun at the reunion.  There is just something about family reunions that is so special.  It brings everyone together in a whole new dynamic.  I love the memories it creates with the ones we love most.  

Thanks for the fun Bishoff's!!

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  1. All of your pictures are GORGEOUS! You are so talented! Family reunions are the best!



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