Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hawaii: Day 8

Our second to last day in Hawaii was definitely one of my favorites.  We went to the Character Breakfast at Makahiki which was super fun.  Characters came and visited your table, which the kids loved.  And so did Preston as you will see. :)  And the food was INCREDIBLE!  We loved it.
Before going to Hawaii, Preston and I thought about some of the excursions we wanted to do while we were there.  He was dead set on swimming with sharks and I honestly couldn't really come up with anything adventurous that I wanted to do.  All I wanted was to spend a day at the spa when we got to Aulani.  So that's what I did!  And I'll tell you what - it did not disappoint.  (Does Disney ever disappoint??)  I am still dreaming of the afternoon I spent there.  When you buy one of their services, they let you check in and spend as long as you want in their Hydrotherapy Garden.  It was HEAVEN.  They had several vitality pools, a reflexology path to massage your feet, rain showers,  and places to relax.  I could have stayed forever.  And the massage was incredible too.  I may have dosed off a time or two but i think that explains just how relaxing it was. :) If I ever go back to Aulani, I will definitely be visiting the spa again. It was just too good. Here are some pictures from our day there:
^The little pond at the entrance of the spa where you cast a stone with your inspiration word on it.^
^Places to lounge indoors^
^The view looking up.^
^Some of the vitality pools^

^Looking so "natural" in the rain showers. ha!^
^^The ice bath.  I kind of loved it.^^
Only one more day of Hawaii to document. I'm sure anyone who reads this will be happy I'm finally coming to the end of documenting this trip! Happy Wednesday everyone! 
XO, Syd 

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