Thursday, September 18, 2014

Gettin crazy

Every now and again I go through a bit of a phase.  I get an idea in my head of something that needs done (usually some project in the house) and I Pinterest-search the crap out of it.

Recently, it started with the realization that the way I currently have my kitchen rearranged makes sense in some aspects and not in others. For instance, I love that the table is closer to the wall and can access plugs, BUT, I hate that there is no light above the table (we live in an old house. Most kitchens have lights above where the table would go). So naturally I thought to myself - I'm going to be thrifty and build my own light fixture. Shouldn't be too hard right? Cue Pinterest binge. I searched for DIY light fixtures for a good little while before realizing that somehow I'm going to have to bring power to that light.  That stopped me dead in my tracks. I'm definitely not that handy so I threw that idea out. 

Then I thought, I've been meaning to paint the front door ever since we moved in - that's what I should do. Again, I hop on Pinterest to search out the perfect color of navy blue to go with my somewhat yellowish house.  Didn't take too long to find the perfect color and I knew that painting a door couldn't be too hard.

 And then it occurred to me - Preston said no projects until we finish the chicken coop. Definitely not the funnest of projects...No worries though, it's basically done, just needs a couple coats of paint.

The gears switch again and I remember how I still need to finish painting the porch... Pretty quick project. I'll whip that out while I'm waiting for the door to dry.

Then I thought - why not redo the front room while I'm at it?? Heaven knows I've wanted to rip that wallpaper down since the first time I laid eyes on it.  So I immediately start researching ways to remove old wallpaper or paint over wallpaper, how to whitewash old, yucky looking wood paneling from the 70's.....

And then I got overwhelmed. Can I get it all done in one day? Because I hate time consuming projects.  I am all about instant gratification. (I should probably work on that.) So I back peddled and thought, you know what? I'll start with the coop, move on to the door and paint the porch. Shouldn't be too much for a Saturday right?? RIGHT?!?  Here's the before picture....hopefully there will be an after!!  Am I the only one that gets in these crazy moods??  I'm ready to take on the whole house!  Preston is so excited!! (NOT!) :)

I want to remove the door shown in picture 1 and just have the door in picture 2, but Preston likes how it looks with both doors on.  What do you think?? Leave me a comment if you have an opinion either way! :)
Xo, Syd

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