Monday, September 15, 2014

The Weekend

+ Preston sold his phone just in the nick of time to preorder his new one.  Those gadgets sure do make him a happy boy! :)
+ Came across this quote in the August Ensign > "Difficulties come into our lives, problems we do not anticipate and which we would never choose.  None of us is immune.  The purpose of mortality is to learn and to grow to be more like our Father, and it is often during the difficult times that we learn the most, as painful as the lessons may be."  -President Thomas S. Monson  >To say that it was just what I needed to hear would be an understatment.
+ Took my very first cake decorating class with my sister at Michael's.  A cute girl from my ward teaches the class so that was a nice little surprise.  I'm excited to get to know her better and have her teach me her ways of cake decorating.  This was our first of four classes and as you can see, our designs weren't too extravagant this week.  Still hard though!  I was pretty dang proud of that swirl!
+ Slept in Saturday AND Sunday.  Our room is north facing and always stays so dark, no matter the time.  I love it.

 + We had Stake Conference this weekend and we were incredibly spiritually fed.  I admit, I'm not always the best at paying attention in Stake Conference for one reason or another but this time the talks were incredible!  We attended the Saturday Evening Session and it was awesome.  Some things I want to remember from that session:

                      * The Savior's atonement is less about filling the gaps and more about filling us. 
                      * Feel and be filled with His grace.
                      * "Behold, I am hastening my work." (D&C 88), stop fooling around, can you let go?
                           and will you do your part? -Stake President Bell

 It was actually regional Stake Conference so during the Sunday session, we got to hear from Elder Richard G. Scott & Elder Russell M. Nelson (and his cute wife!) , along with some other incredible speakers that I failed to write down the names of.  From that session, I want to remember:

                     * Become deeply rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ that you can withstand any trial or
                     * The widow's mite.
                     * Communication with our Father in Heaven is not a trivial matter.  He wants us to
                        converse with Him.  -Elder Scott
                     * Increase your participation in Family History work as you prepare for General
                        Conference. -Sister Nelson
                     * The Lord promises His Spirit to be with us when we engage in His service.  Angels
                        will serve and protect you. -Elder Nelson
+ We took a drive down to Payson to deliver some honey to a man Preston got a swarm of bees from and stopped by to see the progress of the new Payson Temple.  I think it might just be my favorite one (in the valley) so far. 
+ Preston extracted some honey and was left with quite the mess.  Luckily bees are super efficient and will clean it up for you. Can you believe all the bees?? That's not even all of them!  So grateful for that yummy honey they make!
Now it's back to the work week.  Hope you all had a good weekend!
xo, Syd

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