Friday, September 26, 2014

Last Weekend

Our week has been just a bit crazy and I have been meaning to post this all week but here's a little update of last weekend. 
+ We have started to be more consistent with a weekly date night and this week's happened to work out on Friday. I was able to get off work a little early and Preston's afternoon class got cancelled so we got to start early! I was in charge of the date this week so I started off with a workout at the gym since we had the time. :) don't worry, I followed up with some fun and we went to the movies to see the Maze Runner. We had literally zero expectations for it and it was amazing!! We throughly enjoyed it!!
+ Saturday was spent working on my projects that I mentioned back here.  I made progress!  The chicken coop has a couple nice coats of candy apple red and the porch railing is a bright white! The coop still has some work left and I plan on doing that before the cold weather gets here.  We are going to add white trim to it so that it looks like a little barn. 
+ An embarrassing amount of Pretty Little Liars episodes were watched.  BUT, I can proudly say I have convinced Preston to tolerate them and I think he is actually enjoying it! VICTORY! :)
+ Finally got caught up on laundry.  I swear, ever since we got back from Hawaii (several months ago), I haven't been caught up.  But I am now and everything is even folded and put away in drawers!
+ Attended the Ogden Temple Re-dedication.  Always such a treat to be a part of those.  I'm glad we get to look forward to a few more in the near future.
+ Almost lost our Millie! Not intentionally, of course.  Complete accident. Every Sunday night we walk the trash cans out to the curb together and thought we'd kill two birds with one stone and let Millie go potty while we were out.  Keep in mind, our yard is not fenced so she never gets to go out and play by herself.  We're too close to so many busy roads that its just not worth it.  Anways, we let her out, took the cans to the street and went back inside.  About 45 minutes later mid an episode of PLL, Preston goes, "Is Millie barking?".  She never barks and the bark was pretty muffled and pitiful so we could hardly hear it but we immediately started thinking she found something in the house.  It didn't occur to us that she had been outside the whole time!  The poor thing was sitting at the back door just begging to come back in and looked scared out of her mind (such a prissy little dog:).  We felt SO BAD!  We love that little dog more than anything and it would have absolutely killed us if something would have happened to her.  So glad that she came back because, let's face it, Millie isn't winning any awards for her obedience skills. :) ha!
+ My sweet Grandpa John had a stroke Sunday evening.  He is up in Idaho and we don't get to see him nearly as often as we used to when he lived in Moab but I am grateful he has some of our family and such a great care center watching out for him.  He seems to be doing okay now but it gave us all a little scare.  I am so grateful for the power of prayer and the Priesthood in times like these to calm us and feel us with peace.
Well, that was our weekend and our week this week seemed to just fly by between audits at work, church callings, errands, you name it!  But we did squeeze in our date last night.  It was pretty fancy too: dinner at the Purple Turtle in PG. :)  We are headed down to Moab this evening for the Muzzleloader Deer Hunt.  We have one day to find a big one (or just any one, really) so wish us luck!  Happy Weekend!
xo, Syd

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