Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sunsets & Red Rocks & Haircuts & Super Moons & 100+ Degree Weather

Our weekend (the weekend before last - I forgot to post this, oops!) was a tad bit crazy, as usual.  Preston's buddy who now lives in Australia was visiting the States so we met up with him and another friend in Moab for the day.  We like to keep our Moab trips interesting by only staying for 24 hours at a time and seeing how much we can possibly fit in while we're there.  With both families there and this time friends to visit, it was a bit nuts.  But we survived and I don't think I drove Preston completely crazy by the end of it {I hope}.  Sometimes I can be a tad selfish (we all are at some point, right? right?!?) and may have acted a little irrationaly at some point or another.  There are times you don't want to be an adult and let's just say I may have experienced one of those times. 
ANYWAYS... back to the point.  We had a great time, even in the 100+ degree weather.  My sister and I stayed up until 2am while she cut my hair.  I hadn't had it cut in over 6 months and I was in dire need of a cut.  We took 9 inches off!! It's definitely the shortest my hair has ever been.  But I love it! It's fun and feels so much better than that horses mane I was working on growing.  But as much as I love it, I still think I'm a long hair girl.  Let the growing out process begin! :)
The rest of our trip was spent with Preston's friends 4-wheeling in the red rocks.  It was fun but I will be the first to admit that I was dying of heat.  We did the Fins N' Things and Hells Revenge Trails.  Tons of fun to go out and play tourist for a day but my vote is that we don't do it in the dead of summer next time.  Okay, boys? :) It really was so fun to catch up with old friends and get to know their cute families better.  Too bad they have to live so far away.  Guess we'll just have to visit them in Australia sometime. :)  Thanks for the fun, Curtis' and Stucki's!! :)


^Pre hair cut :)

^Don't I look so happy?? HAHA.

^Post hair cut! :)

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