Friday, July 11, 2014

Book: Something Blue

I've always loved reading but kind of got stuck in a rut while reading the third book in the Divergent series.  Seriously, it took me like 6 months.  But I finished it (I'm a little OCD and can't NOT finish a book even if I hate it, crazy I know) and have been back in the reading swing of things since. 
After the last book I read, I needed to switch things up a bit.  Don't get me wrong, I loved "And the Mountains Echoed", but I just needed a change of pace.  And "Something Blue" did just that.  It's very lighthearted and easy to read.  It's dramatic and full of scandal.  Not a huge fan of the language (I cringe having to read the F word).  But I loved the story line.  I can't help but love Darcy. She is super into herself and conceded but she's entertaining. And she's a ditz. I just love her. I loved watching her life fall apart and seeing how it was able to come back together again.  You totally know how it's going to end the entire book but it's still entertaining the entire time.  If you want to read just to get lost in somebody else's world, this book will do just that. 

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