Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Skiing at Sundance

We love Sundance.  Probably a little too much since the last "blog-worthy" event I posted about also involved Sundance. :) But really, what's not to love??

This time instead of indulging in the fine dining and lodging of the resort, we hit the slopes.  Preston has worked at Sundance as a Snowboard Instructor for the past three years and to say he loves that place would be an understatement.  He lives and breathes snowboarding during these cold, winter months.  I, on the otherhand, am not as much of a die hard as he is.  I really enjoy it, don't get me wrong.  But he's willing to call in a sick day at his other job any given powder day.  I've skiied one (and only one) powder day in my life and realized then and there that I wasn't cut out for it.  Half the time my favorite part of skiing is lunch time....when I get to take a break.  I'm a spring skiier: 30-50 degrees, sunny, jacket optional, kind of days.

Aaanndd I digress.  Sorry about that rambling nonsense.  We had a GREAT day skiing up at Sundance this past weekend.  I made the hubby proud and attempted a jump or two and made it a whole 4 inches off the ground!  :)  He jumps around constantly "like it aint no thang".  He's always talking about doing flips and turns and anything else he can think of to potentially injure himself.  But I will admit, even though it stresses me out thinking of him getting hurt, I can't help but love how he looks doing it. :)  And you'll notice in the pictures below that my helmet looks a little too much like a marshmallow or snowball.  I hate it.  The picture online didn't make it look so WHITE.  But at least it protects my noggin! :)

Helllooooo Marshmallow Head. :)

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