Wednesday, August 14, 2013

a picnic in the park

Lunch breaks are a very welcomed and much needed break for me each day.  Most of the time I spend them solo which gives me a lot of "me" time.  I usually read, occasionally work out, pay bills, run errands, etc.  But on special occasions Preston and I's lunch breaks are at the same time and we get to spend them together.

Yesterday was one of those days.  Preston packed a picnic basket complete with REAL coke, a gigantic sub, and chips.  It felt like my lunch break was going to last forever! In a good way of course :)  We laid a blanket out on the grass and gazed up at the sky.  We talked about why PDA still isn't okay just because we are married... Guess who was trying to convince who that it was a good idea. ;)  We laughed and were silly.  We talked about our dreams and plans for the future.  It was wonderful and was just what I needed.  It made me forget about responsibilities and instead focus on the here and now.  I lived in the moment.  I absolutely loved it.  And I absolutely love that boy I get to spend forever with. :)   

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  1. Syd- you have the cutest blog!! i love reading all your fun stories and you and preston are just so cute! :)



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