Saturday, July 27, 2013


Why is it that throughout the week I am constantly putting things off and telling myself "Just wait, you have plenty of time to do that on Saturday."  Well, I seem to have said that all week about

the laundry
the dishes
the vacuuming
the suitcases that still haven't been unpacked from our trip
the boxes that need to be filled and taken to DI
the toilet that needs scrubbed...
and the list goes on and on and on.

Someday I am bound to learn my lesson.  I hate doing housework on Saturday! But we all know what happens if it gets put off today....I'd like to say I'd do it first thing Monday but that's a joke.  The vicious cycle would begin all over again.  So here goes nothing.  I will have a sparkly clean house come about five o'clock today (positive thinking)! 

Good thing I have these two to keep me company all day long while the hubs is at work!

^^Meet Snowball.  Our occasional house guest and Millie's lover. HAHA^^


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