Tuesday, January 29, 2013

four seasons

The thing I love most about living in Utah is being able to experience every season.

 In the summer, I am convinced that nothing can possibly beat the sun, warm weather, and days at the lake.

But then fall comes and I am in awe of the changing leaves and cool, crisp mornings and slightly cooler days. My mind changes once again and fall is then my favorite. :)

And then there is winter. And the first snow fall comes and I am in love once again.  I know, I know, the snow is terrible for driving in. But the snow is only here for a couple of months before it melts and we are enjoying warm weather again. And honestly, everything looks ten times more beautiful with a blanket of snow covering it. I love it! I love being able to bundle up in scarfs, boots, and jackets. I love spending the day skiing with my hubby.  Nothing beats it. Nothing!

Until, of course, spring comes and I change my mind all over again! :)

(my Hunter boots and I have become best buds this winter)

(the result of her playing in the snow - she becomes a snowball!)

So Utah, you're my fave. Thanks for never ceasing to disappoint me.

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