Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Sometimes the monotony of doing the same thing over and over each day leaves me in a bit of a "funk".  A funk where I have zero creative ideas and very little ambition.  I guess that happens when a creative person like me hovers over a computer screen examining one Excel spreadsheet after another, EVERY SINGLE DAY.  These times usually leave me wondering what my purpose is and anticipating something exciting in my life that is days, or even months, away.  I know I shouldn't complain because I really do have a great life.  I have a wonderful job, an amazing husband and all of the things I need right now.  But, I'm also human and there is always seems to be some discontent in life.

I remember Preston and I having a discussion similar to this a while back.  We talked about when we were younger and all we could think about was turning 16 and being able to date & drive.  "Once we can do that, we will be SOOOO happy", we thought. Then, that happened, and we started looking forward to graduating high school and going to college and going on a mission.  We were sure that was when true happiness was achieved.  Same thing with getting married (that did bring true happiness, actually), getting a dog, getting a grownup job, having kids....yada yada yada. 

But the funny thing is, every time one of those monumental times in our lives has come and gone, something else comes up that we start looking forward to, leaving us unsatisfied with our current state once again. 

I, for one, am sick of living my life like this.  So many times I think to myself, "man, when I am done working and get to be a stay-at-home Mom, I won't ever want anything else. Nothing could make me happier than that!" But, from experience, I know that there is always going to be "something else" I am going to want or do.

So I am going to do my best to stop having this type of attitude.  I feel like when I am constantly counting down the days until that "one big day we have been looking forward to for so long" finally gets here, we will have wasted so much time in the meantime.  We just have to be willing to find the excitement in the little things and not get discouraged when every day isn't a birthday or Christmas or a day off from work.  So here's to committing that even though it is just an ordinary Wednesday in January, it can still be awesome and I am going to make it the best dang Wednesday I have had yet (even if it is a workday) ! :)

"The trick is to enjoy life. Don't wish away your days, waiting for better ones ahead." -Marjorie Pay Hinckley


  1. Awesome Syd! I feel this way about my wedding, which seems so far away right now and I just want to be done with school so I can be a cute wife, but you're right! Happiness can be everyday, not just in the big things. Miss you!

  2. love this post. it is so true! I want to learn how to enjoy my days better as well. Also I LOVE your bangs. Look so good.



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