Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weekend in Rexburg

A few weekends back, Preston and I made a quick trip up to Rexburg, ID for the homecoming of Preston's mission president. It was a quick trip, but we sure packed that day and a half that we were there chuck FULL of stuff.

I need to make a quick confession for my husband real quick just so that you are aware. He is extremely addicted to fishing. You know that Brad Paisley song that goes something like, "well I love her....but I love to fish...". Yeah, that's him to a "T". He would drop anything he is doing at any given time to throw a line out into the water. So naturally, when we were left with a little extra time in Rexburg, he immediately thought that the best way to spend that time would be to go fishing. It didn't help that the snake river was right around the corner that I've heard a hundred times is "world class fishing". I rolled my eyes and agreed. I'm not a huge fan of fishing but I do go because I know how much he loves it. I normally sit on the shore and read a book while he does his thing. But this time, I caught the bug and actually wanted to fish. And I caught one! But I can't take all of the credit for it. I do make Preston take it off the hook for me because I am not about to touch a fish! I just can't bring myself to do it. But we had fun and I might have to set my book down more often when we go. :)

We were pleasantly surprised with how beautiful Rexburg was. It really was a cute, quaint little city. Preston would move there in heartbeat to be that close to such an awesome river. I, on the other hand, need more convincing than a nice river to move somewhere. :)

Totally in the zone to try and catch a big one. :)

Not necessarily the big one I had in mind....but hey, we can at least say we caught one! :)

I was a little uneasy the whole time because of all of the birds that kept swarming above our heads. I think we had invaded their territory and they weren't too pleased with that. And now would be a good time to mention I'm not particularly fond of birds either. Not sure why, but they just creep me out. 

Later on in the day we met up with one of Preston's companions and his wife and checked out Bear World. It's a wildlife park that you drive through and the animals can literally walk right up to your car. As you can see, those animals can get pretty darn close to you. We were a little nervous that that buffalo would plow right into the side of our car. 

I can't imagine these animals live a very exciting life. They literally sit around all day long. It was my first time ever seeing an albino elk before though. Isn't it beautiful? 

My favorite part of the day by far is when my husband attempted to milk a deer in the petting zoo. We all got a good laugh about that one. :) The deer was not happy with that one bit. 

Our time in Rexburg was really just way too short. It was fun spending time with Preston's old companion, Steve, and his wife, Taryn. Steve was diagnosed with leukemia during the mission while he and Preston were companions and they have the neatest connection and friendship.It is really fun to see them together and to hear them talk about mission stories.
I loved meeting all of the people I heard about in the letters that Preston would write me. It was fun finally being able to put a face to so many names. Most of all, I loved hearing how great of a missionary Preston was. I already knew that but to hear other people say it just makes me proud. I guess I didn't distract him too much after all :)

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