Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I miss blogging so I'm starting up again.

*Me & The Hubby on the 4th of July*
It seems like it's the story of my life that I get really gung-ho (wow-never actually had to spell that before) on something and do it for a good month or so and then completely abandon it for months at a time. It happens with working out, writing in my journal, budgeting, and yes, you guessed it: blogging. I am always so frustrated when I give something up and when I come to the realization that I want to start again, I do it almost instantly.
So this is me starting over, AGAIN. I was just looking back over the past year of blog posts and my posts have been so few and far between that it makes me sad that I have let almost a whole year go by without documenting my life through blogging. Because truly, this acts as a little journal for me. It helps remind me what Preston and I did throughout the year when I have forgotten to actually write down those memories in a journal. (Like I said earlier, my journal is a lot like this blog: spurts of frequent updates and then months with NOTHING.)
We have been crazy busy this summer and I can't believe it is just about over. It has been a weird year being done with school and being totally immersed in the working world. Everything just kind of blends together and time flies by right before my eyes. It makes me sad but I am DETERMINED to make the most of every day. So stay tuned and I promise I will be back. Mostly just for my sake and for anyone else interested in our silly life. :)

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