Friday, June 24, 2011

Home boy's got skills

I have the sweetest husband there ever has been. After a long day of work, and I mean long, he comes home and asks if he can cook dinner tonight. Um.... yes! Is that even a question??
He gets home at like 10:30 every night people and he still wanted to do that. Am I lucky or what? And it's not like I had nearly as hard of a day as him, not even close! I have the option of tanning while I do my work, and he on the other hand, doesnt quite get that luxury.
So I, being the nice wife, let him cook dinner! And let's just say that the man is a master in the kitchen!
He was limited on ingredients but still managed to whip something up that was delicious!
We called it garlic rosemary chicken. Yum. Served with rice and steamed veggies. Simple yet so satisfying. This man of mine is the best I tell ya. I'll keep him around for a while.:)

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