Thursday, June 23, 2011

Completely Content

I don't know what it is about today, but I feel completely and utterly content. I feel like everything in the world is right. I am fully satisfied with my life.
Most days I am worrying whether or not I will be able to accomplish all that I want to do that day, but not today. The laundry may not all be done and my house might not be up to par, but that's okay. I'm taking full advantage of a day like today and just taking it all in.
And to make things even better, it's overcast. Meaning I can sit beside the pool with regular clothes on because it's not a sun bathing kind of day.
Today is one of those days that I look in the mirror and don't see any flaws. (I wish that happened everyday!) Its one of those days where I seem to appreciate everything around me.
It makes me so grateful to be living in such a beautiful world. As I watch each of these planes fly overhead and hear the birds chirping all around me, I am just overwhelmed with how wonderful life is.
I am poolside, with a book in my hand and I feel like any problem or dilemma in my life is so small and insignificant at the moment.
 seems like his only care in the world is who is going to get shot with that water gun next. 
Those hard times will pass and days like these will come again. My goal is to have an attitude like this everyday. If I can, life will be even that much more fulfilling. I am going to strive to be this positive each and everyday, no matter what challenge life decides to throw at me next.


  1. I Love this post! I LOVE those days!!! and I LOVE all the pic! What kind of camera do u have?

  2. I have a canon rebel t1i and I absolutely love it! I would highly recommend it! And thanks for complimenting my photos-I'm still trying to get used to how the camera works!



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