Monday, June 27, 2011


It's always a little unsettling moving to a place where you literally know no one (except my sweet hubby of course) and you just hope and pray that there will be at least one person there that you can trust and really call a "friend".
Me, Preston, Sara, & Cody
 Well, I definitely had those thoughts before coming out to Charlotte. But little did I know I would be making more friends than I can even count.
Lauren, Dane & Ryan
 Casey, Haley, Trey and Gianno
 Trey being "Trey" and Gianno
Trevor, Travis, Andrew, & Jordan
The people out here in our office are some of the finest I have ever met. Each one is unique in their own way but I continue to learn so much from each of them. I am convinced that they are some of the kindest people around. They are so willing to help in any way - it is so admirable.

I have much to learn from these wonderful people and I feel so privileged to have the opportunity to do so. I can't wait to see the many memories that will be made this summer because of these people I now get to call my friends.

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