Monday, May 16, 2011

Never say never

Yesterday I finally watched the Justin Beiber movie with some friendsnand now know what all of this Beiber madness is all about. I have a feeling his music will be playing quite a bit around our house for a while now. Poor Preston. 
*The pretty poppies I picked up at the Farmer's Market*
Not only was the Justin Beiber movie overly exciting for one day, I also had a little girls day fun with a couple of other wives that are out here for the summer. Shannon, Tiffany and I ventured back to Uptown Charlotte to hit up the local farmer's market again. 
Once again it didn't disappoint and we all came home with some lovely finds. I got some yummy nectarines and strawberries and the beautiful poppies that you see up above. I've been noticing along the freeways out here there are random fields of poppies and have been wanting to stop and pick some, so when I found these at the Farmer's Market I was ecstatic! Four stems for $1! Quite the steal if you ask me! 
Instead of heading home after the farmer's market, we took advantage of being in such a beautiful city and played tourist for a couple of hours. Charlotte is really a beautiful place. It's so clean and nice and we never once felt like we weren't safe. It was great! We stopped by the visitor center downtown and the sweetest lady gave us a BAZILLION brochures and pamphlets of fun things to do in North Carolina. It was perfect! I've already started making a mental list of all of the things I want to do before the end of the summer. Hopefully we can squeeze them all in somehow! Here's some pictures of some of the things we saw throughout the day!
 This cute little bakery we found had the coolest and most unique light fixtures! I loved them!
There was a little park in the middle of town with all sorts of cute stuff for kids. 
 Funky skull thing

Fountains that would be so fun to take little kids to.

Shops at the Epicenter. I really want to go back here at night! It looks like such a fun place!
Shannon, Me, & Tiff
 Our humble abode :D


  1. cute! that looks so fun! and your 'humble abode' looks really cute! Love those clouds!

  2. love this post! you are a great photographer! I love photography too but am in the market for a new camera. I really want to go to the farmers market on Friday, I am excited for fresh summer fruit, thanks so much for planning fun stuff and helping make this summer so much more fun!

  3. your complex looks GREAT!! and your photography is super GREAT! :)

  4. What a charming city! Im glad you are having fun there! Devin is hating the Justin Bieber music in the house too! hehe



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