Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Holy Hannah!!! This is probably the most pictures you will ever see in a blog post! I may have gotten a little camera happy on my trip to Moab last week. But I couldn't help myself! I got to spend so much time with my family and do so many fun things. It was awesome! How could I not take pictures?!? I wish Preston could have come along but he had to stay back in Charlotte to work. Thanks for bringing home the bacon, babe! :D Anyways, here is what went on during my week in Moab: 

Little Miss London graduated from Miss Pam's Preschool! I was so excited that her preschool graduation happened to be while I was home. I can't believe she is going to be starting kindergarten this fall! I feel so cliche saying this but, they grow up way too fast! 
 Here she is with one of her cute friends, Ally.
 Maddy Moos & Londy Loo at the graduation! Mads is such a proud little sister!
 London saying her part that she memorized.
Air guitar! 
 Here she is getting her graduation certificate from Miss Pam! Miss Pam was also my preschool teacher! Crazy!!
 The Preschool graduate herself!
 CORGAN! I just love this little dude!
I also got to babysit sweet baby Claire a couple of times while I was home. She is seriously the sweetest little thing. We even got to play dress up together! :D 
 Happy Baby!
Emily and I went and got pedicures together. Her prom is the reason I came home so we took all of the necessary preparations for the big day! :D
 Moab just opened up a new Rec Center! I am so jealous of all of the little kids that get to go there this summer! If I were little again, I would totally go there everyday! They have water slides, diving boards, a lazy river, and just a super fun atmosphere to hang out in! I loved being able to go there a coupe of times while I was home.
 Effortless smile. I just love her!
 Cute Corgan, giving me the stink eye as usual! ha ha
Emily didn't want to get in for fear of ruining her pedicure that she had gotten earlier that day. Wouldn't want to mess up your toes for prom, huh Em?? lol 
London is always willing to strike a pose! She is quite the little fashionista! 
Emily getting her hair died for the first time!
Amber's girls got to have a sleepover with me one of the nights I was home. Well, we didn't have car seats for any of them in my Mom's car so we were just going to buckle them but they all insisted on sitting next to me, in the same buckle. lol
Madeline loves being in front of the camera. Whenever I pulled my camera out with her around she just insisted on having me take her picture. Here is just one of the many shots she had me take. All of them were just about as unique as this one! For some reason she wanted to be super serious in all of them. She cracks me up!
Sleepover watching Justin Beiber! I have successfully converted my nieces into loving him. :D
 Baby Claire came by the next morning to join in on the fun.
These jammies are too perfect. :D
 Going out to lunch during Emily's lunch break!
Pedicures on the porch with Mads and London! 
 I had the best manicure ever from Mads and London - rainbow!!
 He still isn't too sure about me! This is what happened after saying "hi" to him.  haha
Papa is determined that this little boy is going to be a baseball player. :)
 My bro-in-law, Stephen, just got his journeyman plumber so his cute wife Linz (my sister) planned a surprise party for him to celebrate! We had it at the ballpark and it was so much fun! All of his closest friends were able to come and they ended the night with a game of baseball! It was a blast!
 Amber even made him a golden plunger for being the "#1 plumber"! :D
 Cutest cake! 
 He was so surprised! (I think...)
 Linz and baby Claire :D
 I went on bear hunt! My sister, Lindsey, drew out for a bear tag this year! She was so close to killing her bear but right after she shot it out of the tree, it fell and ran off and they couldn't ever find it again! I'm impressed she was as brave as she was to do that! I would have been freaking out!
One of the cute little pups that got to sniff down a big ol' bear. I thought they were so cute! 
Goin' to find the bear! 
 There were seriously that many people there trying to find one bear! I thought that was hilarious!
These dogs were just itchin to go chase that bear again after it ran off! 
 Emily getting ready for her big night! 
 Emily and her date, Jake.
 The whole group. 
 Beautiful girls and beautiful dresses! 
Emily and Parker walking out to do their Promenade! 
 All of the girls doing their promenade dance.
 I was so happy I was able to go to Emily's prom. She has been looking forward to it for so long now and to top it all off, she won prom queen!!!!! If only I could have captured her face when she won. It was priceless!
Emily was the queen and her cute friend, Cassidy, was Princess. They are such cute girls!
 Dad's Birthday! They waited until I came home to celebrate! :D
 This is by far my most favorite picture from the trip. Emily told Stephen to lift her up as she ran towards him. Well, before he had a chance to respond she was charging towards him and he thought, "I either get plowed over by her or lift her!" Haha I think it was taking all of the strength he could muster just to get her that high! lol
 Mads and London doing Lindsey and I's hair.
 The babies, Corgan & Claire. 
 Every Memorial Day since I can remember, we have gone out to the hills with our good family friends, The Days & The Hugentoblers. This year we went out to some really neat caves outside of Moab. A few of us even road our bikes on the way there. I loved riding that day for some reason! It was such a beautiful setting and I just really enjoyed it! I'm thinking I need to start saving my money for a good bike because lets face, the beach cruiser isn't the best when you are trying to climb hills! Thanks Dad for letting me use your bike!
 I don't ever go home without eating at my favorite Thai Restaurant: Singha Thai. It is oh so good! My favorite thing there is the Thai Lomein. Mmmm to die for!
 Baby Claire's first outing to the new swimming pool. She loved it! And I loved her and that cute pink suit! 
 Me and my Momma. 
 I ended my trip by going to the new restaurant in town, The Blue Pig. The whole family came and that is how we decided to celebrate our Forever Family Day this year. Each year on June 5th we go out to eat at a nicer restaurant to celebrate the anniversary of when we were sealed as a family for eternity in the Manti Temple. I was so sad Preston couldn't be there to celebrate with us. He sure was missed! I am so glad I got to go home and spend such a wonderful week in Moab. I love being able to spend time with my family and they made that week more fun than I ever could have imagined. Thanks guys!! I love you and can't wait to come home and play again!!!
When I got back to our apartment in Charlotte, my sweet hubby had these waiting for me. Am I lucky or what?!?


  1. Cute! I love it! Your posts are always so upbeat and happy. Those kiddos are adorable and Emily looked BEAUTIFUl for Prom!

  2. I LOVED all your pictures....I couldn't help but tear up when I saw some of the pictures. Absolutely a precious family. I'm soooo happy for Emily. I can't wait to meet all your family. I wish you were going to be able to be there... :0( Thanks for sharing your blog. I loved it!

  3. So many fun activities! I love it!

  4. Loved all pictures as well! Your sister looked gorgeous for prom!

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  6. An answer would be good- lets see you justify your foulness...or are you just going to delete this- knowing I and a hell of a lot of other people think you are a selfish moron. Cant find anything better to do? You must be so boring!

  7. Anonymous,

    If you and so many "other people" are so upset by killing animals, why do you even read this blog? Anonymous, you are such a coward. You obviously are afraid of what others think about you. If you are going to stand for something so strongly don't be afraid to put your name on it.



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