Friday, May 13, 2011

All I can think about is food, apparently.

Farmer's Market, Uptown Charlotte
I just realized that all of the pictures I have taken lately have been of food. That may or may not be a good thing. ha ha. But when you live the life that I do lately, there isn't much more to think about or worry about throughout the day. Let me just give you a little run down of a typical day for me out here in North Carolina. Preston and I typically wake up between nine and ten, and depending on whether or not there is time, we go to the gym. We then eat breakfast (always a breakfast shake. sorry i don't have pictures to document that. haha) and then get ready for the day. He heads out the door at noon for work and I head to the pool to soak up some sun. I know some of you might think that is lazy of me but I figure, why not? I haven't heard back from any of the places I have applied to yet so while I wait I might as well work on my tan while indulging in my nerd books! I can't wait to be done with the Fablehaven series. While those books are entertaining, I could really use a good love story! That's beside the point. Back to my daily agenda. For the rest of the afternoon I usually sew, do laundry, wash dishes, prepare dinner or facebook/blog stalk. Eventful huh?!? Yesterday was super fun though. I went to Panera with some of the other wives out here and it was so much fun!! They are a great group of girls. (Yet again, my fun revolves around food. haha)
I have managed to think outside the box and break up my routine once or twice since I have been here. Last weekend I went to a Farmer's Market in Uptown Charlotte. It was awesome! I got a couple of really yummy things and I can't wait to go back! I swear, their produce is way better than what you find in a grocery store. It was in such an awesome location too! Right in the middle of downtown. I loved it.
 Sweet Corn. love it. I'll be back for more next weekend. 
 My treasures. Those strawberries were TO DIE FOR.
Preston and I also managed to have a date night this past week. Its hard for us to really ever spend time together with his work schedule so it was really nice to go out to dinner. We went to TGIFridays! We were hoping to try some authentic North Carolina restaurant but everywhere was closed so we went there. It was great! Date nights with the hubby are seriously the BEST!
 Green Bean Fries. Love.
 Cajun Shrimp Pasta. LOVE!!
 A little disappointed in the Oreo dessert. It was waayyy smaller than I was imagining but still tasty. 
 Looks like someone enjoyed his dinner! 
Full tummy=happy wifey! :)
And while we are still on the topic of food, I have to share this yummy dinner I made the other night. It wasn't anything special but it was really good. I marinated chicken in this spicy mango marinade, sauteed some zucchini and yellow squash and served it over rice and it was so good. If you are in need of a quick, easy and cheap dinner, I would highly recommend this.
Try it, you'll like it! 
Well, I feel like that was kind of a rambling, boring post but thats all I've got this week! I have all the time in the world to blog lately but the problem is I just don't have anything to blog about! Guess I'll have to start getting more creative! Thanks to the two people for humoring me and actually reading this!!! I appreciate it! :D


  1. Ok, that all looks delish! I just ate lunch..but now i'm hungry again! :) And green bean fries...the best invention EVER!

  2. Hey I had the cajun chicken pasta too! So good. Im bummed about the oreo dessert though, I really wanted to try that. Love the pictures of your farmers market finds. Cant wait to go!



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