Saturday, April 16, 2011

PKB is 23!!


On April 12, 2011 my dear husband turned 23 years old! :) I was so excited for his birthday-probably more than he was since he kept forgetting over and over again that his birthday was even approaching! Silly boy. He did make me me promise that I wouldn't throw him a party, and being the good wife that I am, I obeyed. I agreed since I assumed it was more of his choice what to do on his birthday than it was mine. Still doesn't make sense to me but whatever. :) Next year I am probably not going to be so obedient. muah ha ha.

But once the day had finally arrived I could tell he was more than excited! He had the whole day to do pretty much whatever he pleased. He woke up to a home-cooked breakfast (scrambled eggs with sausage and orange rolls) which is quite the occasion in and of itself. I never get up to make breakfast in the morning because I have class so early but figured I could go the extra mile for my honey. :) And he loved it which made me all sorts of happy!
Throughout the rest of the day we pretty much just relaxed and enjoyed spending time together. We did a little shopping, ran some errands and just had fun being together.
Then we headed home for some birthday cake-his favorite: Funfetti with just the right amount of frosting. If you put too much on you've done it wrong. Turns out I was a winner and put just enough on!
We had dinner at home as well. One of Preston's favorite traditions growing up was on his birthday his Mom would make him whatever he wanted for dinner and then he and his parents only would eat dinner in front of the TV watching whatever movie he wanted. All of the other kids in the family couldn't participate so it was really special for him to just have that time with his parents. So we kind of did a similar thing. We had a little picnic in our front room while we watched episode after episode of LOST. We are currently addicted. Preston absolutely loved his birthday and  I loved being able to share it with him! Love you babe!
Oh and yes there was a present. Yes, just one. And it actually counts for my birthday coming up in a few months too! Introducing our new baby, we love it.
Now, if I can just figure out how to use it! 

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  1. So Fun syd! And you are going to love your Camera. When I'm up there this week we will learn more about it. I love mine!!! Happy Bday PKB :)



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