Friday, April 8, 2011

he broke what?

Three years ago this month, Sally, my mother-in-law now but my boyfriend's mom at the time, called to tell me that Preston had been in an accident and had broken his hip. He was serving his mission at the time in New York. I remember being like 'what?!? I thought only old people broke their hips!'. She told me that he was going to have to have surgery and they weren't sure whether or not he would need to be sent home to recover. After I got off the phone with her I remember telling my roommates, Sarah & Jaynanne, what had happened and we immediately started thinking of what was going to happen. Would he come home? If so, what would it be like?? He had only been gone on his mission for eight months. Would I be able to see him if he came home?
Preston's leg with the rod through it. :(
Well, as it turns out, he had surgery out in New York at Jacobi Medical Center and after a week of his incident was sent home to recover for FOUR WHOLE MONTHS!

 Oh yeah, I failed to mention how he broke his hip. I was thinking there would be some crazy story for him to tell about how it happened but as it turns out he was just being a silly 19 year old boy on his mission and decided to jump over a trash can. Turns out it didn't turn out it didn't turn out like he thought it would.

Anyways, he came home right as my winter semester at BYU ended and my summer began. And he was released as a missionary for the duration of the time that he was home. HALLELUJAH! Can you imagine how torturous it would have been to be in the same town and have him still be a missionary? It would have been terrible. While he was home it was like nothing had changed between us, except for things were even better. He had to be home to do a lot of physical therapy and to get back to feeling good enough to head back on his mission. But when he was doing therapy we were doing fun things nonstop! Fishing, hiking, swimming, you name it! It was so much fun. And just as the summer came to an end, I headed back to BYU and he headed back out NYC to complete his work as a missionary. It definitely was not easy for either of us but as I look back on it now I am so grateful he made the choice to go back out and finish up his duties as a missionary. His mission has blessed our lives so much and I know he is a better person because of it. That experience brought us so much closer than we ever could have imagined and has lead us to where we are today. MARRIED! :D I love you Preston Bishoff!
Us at Lake Powell that summer he was home. We have come so far since then! 


  1. Holy cow-- that was intense to read! A broken hip??? OUCH! That's so neat that he was home for a little bit. Aw... I love reading cute missionary stories! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. i forgot you waited for your hubby too. so did I and i was told so many times that it wasn't going to work out. it probably made me more determined that it would. so when he came home, thank goodness it worked out! :)



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