Thursday, April 7, 2011

my very own knight in shining armor

And no, I am not talking about the snake. 
the big momma. this was before her head was chopped off. 
When it comes to creepy little crawly things like spiders, bugs, worms, mice, snakes, etc I am quite the girly-girl. Those sorts of things terrify me and I usually scream for Preston for help whenever I happen to encounter any of them. Well, last week we were preparing for a little adventure down south to Cedar City and I was feeling rather ambitious before we left and felt like vacuuming out the car, because who doesn't like to travel in a clean car? I know I do.
Anyways, so as I was preparing to vacuum out the car I was having a little trouble figuring out where to plug the vacuum in at. I opened up our garage in search of an outlet and as I did this HUGE, FAT worm falls off of the bottom of the garage door just barely missing my hand - reason #1 why I freaked out. After I exterminated that horrid worm I began again on my search for an outlet. I happened to glance down at a little pile of leaves at the bottom of our steps after about the millionth time of going in and out of the house and noticed a snake coiled up and nestled under all of the leaves. And you'd think that I would have been terrified by this but my first thought was "Oh Preston, he thinks he is so funny. He put a fake snake here to scare me! I'm not falling for that joke". And I was convinced for a good fifteen minutes that it was a fake snake. It was coiled up with its tail in the air just like those ones that you see in the toy stores. I honestly didn't think it was real and proceeded to go in and out of the house and step right over the snake. Even though I thought it was fake, I wasn't about to pick it up, just in case. Finally, I called Preston and told him I had found his little joke. He was clueless and didn't know what I was talking about. I figured this was all part of his little plan. Until he told me to go and check to see if the snake was still in the same spot and it wasn't!!! This is the point where I started to freak out. BIG TIME! I had a snake on the loose and no husband to help me take care of it. Well Preston fulfilled his husband role that day. He came straight home and was a knight in shining armor. :D He killed that snake and then three more after that!!! They just kept showing up! Apparently they live underneath the concrete slab where we park our cars and since it has started to warm up they have decided to come out and say hello. Great. Just exactly what I want them to do. And just when I thought they were gone after not seeing them in a few days, another one popped up and consequently got shot full of bb's and its head cut off. :) I know that might not be the most humane way to take care of them, but its gonna have to work for me.
So after the Snake Massacre, we headed straight on down to Cedar City and had a blast! Especially since the houses we stayed at down there are not infested with snakes. We did a whole bunch of fishing. I caught a fish before Preston! It was an event that I am definitely going to not let him forget for awhile. :)

This is the lake we went fishing at twice while we were there. Its a new lake and it is seriously in the best location! It is right on top of a hill and surrounded by a bunch of houses. It only took like five minutes to get there. Preston was in heaven! And the surroundings were beautiful, as you can see.
Preston's might big catch! :D 
One of the nights we were there we had a little cookout and had some a-mazing hot dogs. I don't know what it is about a big tasty hot dog but I just love them. 
Preston and little Kylie. She is such a cutie! 

The weather was awesome for most of the time that we were down there! I finally got to break out my shorts after six months! I loved it! One day while we were there we headed down by St. George to Sand Hollow to do some more fishing. It was so nice! It would be such a fun lake to go back to in the summer and go wake boarding. We had fun and it is always nice to see Preston out there in his waders/tweedle dee pants, as I like to call them. :D


  1. Oh my goodness! I would have freaked out!!! Good thing you have Preston ;) Looks like a fun trip fishin'!

  2. Gross!!!!! More than one snake??? How terrifying!



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