Monday, February 7, 2011

what a weekend.

I swear, every other post of mine is about how crazy a weekend Preston and I had. But seriously, this was another crazy, yet oh so fun, one. I guess we have the best of times when we are running all over the place doin' stuff. Friday night we got to go to the Olympic Ski Trials. It was AMAZING. We got to see the freestyle jump things (sorry for those of you who are die-hard skiers and know the proper name for this event, I forgot what it was called). I love to ski and have been skiing since I was knee-high to a grasshopper BUT I am no where close to how talented these skiers are. (for one, I don't even jump, let alone do a flip!) They are absolutely incredible. We had such a great time with Scott and Britt & John and Christine. Preston was a little under the weather this weekend but still managed to enjoy himself. We went to this event last year as well and on the way home we bought a milk jug full of blue raspberry kool-aid. And we did it again this year. I think it is becoming a little family tradition. :)

The awesome jumps the skiers were going off. And honestly, who smokes cigars?!? I mean, come on! NASTY!!! 

John & Christine! For some reason we didn't get a picture of Scott & Britt...we did take a group picture with Preston's camera though. If we can figure out how to upload those onto my computer then I will post that one shortly. :)

My sister, Lindsey and her husband, Stephen and their baby, Claire, also came up to visit! While they were here, I went with Linz to get baby Claire's 6 month photos taken while the boys went to the hunting expo. Her pictures turned out so good! I even got a little debut in one of them. hehe
Isn't she the cutest little thing?? I feel the need to gush over my nieces and nephews since I don't have kids of my own. I can't help it - they are all so cute!!! 

And last but certainly not least, we watched the Superbowl! First time being married! :) Come to think of it, each day we are married is the first time we have been married on that day. Like today, its the first February 7th we've been married. haha CUTE. I promise I'm not always that corny. Anyways, I rooted for the Steelers. Just to be different. And then once I thought about it, my Mom's family is from Wisconsin and I totally should have cheered for them. Serves me right I guess since the Steelers lost. I'm not a huge football fan but I always pay the best attention during half time. Go figure. And this years half time show was so good! I couldn't get enough of it! I want one of those light up dance suits so bad! Once the show was over and the game started up again, I may or may not have taken a little siesta. haha. I did wake up in time to watch the last couple minutes of the game though! It was a good one! 

Well that was our weekend! I think we could use a little bit more of a relaxing one this week. However, I won't complain at all if anyone wants to come in and visit! We are always up for visitors! Love you all! :D 

And one more thing before I forget, I experienced the Sweet Tooth Fairy for the first time this weekend. I was in heaven. If only I could go there everyday for one of their yummy treats....LOVE IT! 

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  1. I love that you guys get out and do so much. You're adorable! And your niece is just the cutest thing ever!



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