Thursday, February 3, 2011

When things don't go as planned....

When things don't go as planned, don't get upset, MAKE THE MOST OF IT! Last semester I had a professor named Jeff Hill. Dr. Hill lost his wife to cancer a couple of years ago and was left with six (I believe) young children to care for on his own. Well, after being really upset and angry about this situation, he decided to change his attitude and be positive. His motto was "When things don't go as planned, don't get upset, make the most of it!". He ended up getting remarried and is so happy now. He is such an example to me!

Well, Preston and I were so excited to have Emily come and stay with us last weekend. We had so many fun things planned and we were so excited to let Emily in on all of our fun plans. Well, we picked her up and that same night she got sick. She was devastated! We had planned on watching movies, going to a really fun jumping trampoline place, going to Park City for the Sundance Film Festival and anything else that we could possibly squeeze into those days before my parents came to pick her up. Unfortunately, the only thing we ended up being able to do from our previous plans was watch movies. Emily felt so bad she got sick while she came to visit! But through this whole experience we all came to realize the truthfulness behind Dr. Hill's motto: When things don't go as planned, don't get upset- Make the most of it! And we did! We enjoyed every minute together and being able to hang out and visit and catch up on each other's lives. We even got to take a little outing to go shopping - as you can tell by the picture of Emily and the giant spoon, she was starting to feel better by that point. Too bad it was just hours before my parents came to take her home. :( But we learned that no matter what you are doing, if you do your best to be happy and enjoy yourself, life becomes so much more fulfilling. 
Our little shopping trip. Em got the cutest new outfit - I was way jealous! I gotta get me a pair of them skinny jeans! :D

 Goofing around in Pier One. Such a cute store! I don't know why I haven't really been there before! I was in heaven! 

Next time you visit Em, it's gonna be "off the hook!"


  1. way fun for you guys. I'm glad she is feeling better

  2. How fun! I'm glad she perked up enough to get out for a bit! Very fun!



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