Friday, February 11, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. "Isn't it Awkward and Awesome Thursday, not Friday?" Well yes. But....I was sick yesterday and just wasn't up to it. Okay? Okay. So I have seen a lot of fellow bloggers doing this Awkward and Awesome thing and didn't really ever think I would do it because I never seemed to have anything super awkward or awesome happen to me. Until yesterday and today. 

-The girl standing in line behind me today at the L&T (real yummy place to get wraps at BYU) and obviously it didn't bother her because she kept getting closer and closer the whole twenty minutes I stood in line. I even thought me coughing in her direction would do the trick. NOPE.
-Thera Flu. I don't know if this is awkward or just plain gross. It does the trick but does it really need to taste that nasty?? ugh.
-Being the only person on the UTA bus besides the driver. I could see his mouth moving like he was talking to me but I couldn't hear him because of how loud the bus is and how stuffed my nose and ears are. It was way awkward.
-Sitting in the hall at school today doing homework and realizing that I had been sitting there for 2.5 hours without getting up or moving whatsoever and realizing it because the same girl would walk by every hour to move from class to class. "Yep, I'm still here" I thought to myself as she glanced towards me yet again.
-Being sick in class. I know everybody around me must have thought I was some contagious specimen today as I sat in class sneezing, coughing, blowing my nose, etc. ugh. 

-The chocolate colored fleece pullover I'm wearing from Eddie Bauer that I got for fifteen bucks! I can't get enough of these things.
-Thera Flu. Yes, I know. I did already mention this above in the awkward list. BUT I feel inclined to give it some recognition because it really does make me feel better.
-My husband. Enough said. But really, if it weren't for him I would probably still be in bed wallowing in my sicky-ness. He was seriously my hero yesterday. Running all over the place getting me anything and everything that I could possibly need. And even making me choke down my yucky medicine when I know if it was up to me, I would not have drank it. I just love him. He does so much for me and I hope that I treat him even half as good as he always treats me. Not to mention I came home to a clean house today after school. YES! He is the definition of awesome!! Love ya babe! 

That was fun! I guess I may just have to continue doing this awkward and awesome thing! 

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  1. Cute post (: Ah man I hate being sick! It's the best when your man takes care of you through it though (:



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