Saturday, January 15, 2011

Everybody Needs an Apron.

I think everyone deserves to look pretty when they are cooking, don't you? (say yes!) 
Well, if you become a follower of my blog before the end of January and leave a comment on this post, you will be put into a drawing for your very own, one-of-a-kind, Apron! Hurry!!! Do it now before it's too late!!! And if you could specify your size, that would be great too (Small, Medium or Large). If you don't feel comfortable posting your size on a blog, still leave a comment and then shoot me an email to I have an apron in every size so everybody is eligible to win! 

Adult Apron made for Adele Schopf. 
Adult Apron made for Olivia Sorrel
Adult Apron made for Molly Lorenzo
Child size Apron made for Joslyn Sanders. Even little girls need an apron! 
Adult Apron made for My Mommy! 
And the crazy Apron maker. I was cooped up for a week making all of these babies. Luckily I was somewhat snowed in so it made it twice as fun. Notice our lovely Christmas Tree in the background. It's got character. :)
The massive snowstorm! I loved having this much snow outside and having the excuse not to go anywhere and just stay inside and SEW! I LOVE THE SNOW! 

Our very own Winter Wonderland! 


  1. These are sooo Cute Syd! I love them all and you are sooo crafty!! You know me so just guess on my size lol!

  2. Your aprons are ADORABLE and yes I feel like we need to look pretty while we are whipping up something delicious to eat! I can tell you are very talented...just like your Grandma Rachel!

  3. Syd this aprons are awesome! I can't believe you make these! I would love to win one! I wear a large :)

    Chelsy Plowman :)

  4. SYD U ROCK :):) PLEASE PICK ME!!!! These are soooooo adorable!!!
    P.S. I am most definetly a Large as well :)

  5. Hi there! I'm RaShell's daughter and she told me to hurry over and look at your cute aprons. LOVE them! How are the sizing?? Don't know if I would be a small or medium...i'm in between sometimes!

  6. Way cute Syd! I would love an apron! haha

    And same with her ^^ I don't know if I would be a small or medium

    This is Jenny Engleman!!

  7. So cute Syd! I love your blog :) It's always so fun to read!!! Small for me..I think ;)

  8. Cute, cute, cute!

    Lourae Minor

  9. Hey Sydney, super cute aprons! You're so talented! Hope I win :)

  10. How cute! I love the aprons. Very creative, you are. Hope all is well! ooo pick me! haha

  11. It's fun to read your posts and see how well you are doing! You are an amazing person, Sydney! Oh, yeah, I'd wear a large, too! :)--Penny Richards

  12. I was just thinking I should make me an apron but if I win I don't have to!! Hope you are doing well, your blog is very cute!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Do you sell these? They're gorgeous!



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