Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas. Better late than never, right?

Christmas Break and New Year's were one of those weeks that you never wanted to end. We slept in everyday, had a home-cooked meal for every meal and had so much fun with all of our family! I love the Christmas season and was so sad to have it pass but at the same time am so grateful for all of the wonderful memories that were created.  
It has become a little Christmas Eve tradition at my parent's house to have Santa stop by after we have eaten Christmas Eve Dinner. The kids love it! And even the big kids do too....we haven't grown up yet I guess. :)
Grandpa John sitting on Santa's lap! I seriously have the cutest Grandpa! I just love him. 
Madeline, Corgan & London sitting on Santa's lap. Corgan was a little unsure of what to think of Santa but the girls loved it! 
Little Miss Claire's first time seeing Santa! Look at how happy she is! She wasn't afraid of him at all! 
Emily is always the main reason we have Santa come to visit. I just love her. She is the one that truly keeps the Spirit alive at our house. 
All four of the Grandkids! Maddy loves her little brother, can't you tell! 
Another Christmas Eve tradition of my family's is that every year my Mom buys everyone matching PJ's and we open them up on Christmas Eve. It is always a race to see who can change into them the fastest. All the boys, with the exception of Corgan, didn't want to participate with us. Hence the reason we have a family photo without any of them in their cute matching PJ's! Silly boys. 
I am from the most absolute beautiful place in the world. Moab has the most incredible sunsets!
The view right out my Mom & Dad's front door. AMAZING.
I love this boy oh so much! 
P.S. Doesn't he look so cute in his new fleece with the popped collar?? hehe
A couple of days after Christmas, some of my Dad's siblings came into town and we had another Christmas Dinner with them and did a gift exchange. I love it! I am so blessed to be so close with all of my extended family members. Here is my Uncle Dan reading to Miss Mads. She could read all day, every day if we let her! 
He finally got used to me being around! He is such a cute little guy! 
Crazy Emily. I just love her. 
My cute Grandmother and cousin Ally! Ally just got back from a study abroad in Spain. I am still so jealous of her.
London hanging out with the big girls as usual: Maggie & Kelley. I honestly have the cutest cousins ever. 
The room exploded during the gift exchange! SO FUN! 
Cute Maddy with her new backpack! 
A couple of days while we were there, I got to babysit Claire while Linz had some appointments. I was in heaven! She is like a little doll. I just love her to death! And check out her outfit-leggings and a mini skirt! SO CUTE! Linz always decks her out in the cutest things! 
Little Miss Cliare! I love her so much! 
Okay, so if you refer to the pictures of the sunsets above and then look at this picture, you would never believe that they were taken within days of each other. When we first got to Moab it looked like it was still fall and then one morning we woke up to this!!!! I LOVED IT! I think I am the only person that woke up with a smile on her face because of all the snow! Perfect for a little smooch! 
Probably the most awkward picture to try and take when you have snow blowing in your eyes. That husband of mine still looks pretty sassy though! 
Since we were limited on what we could do with all of the snow outside, we decided to go bowling! We went with Preston's mom and his siblings. It was a blast. Preston had some awesome form as you can see. he he 
Moab's transformation into a Winter Wonderland! 
Here's my cute momma in the sassy apron I gave her! I think she spent most of her time in the kitchen while we were there making us the most tasty food ever! I love my mom!
Preston whipped us up some tasty salsa! I love how domestic he is. 
Me and Emmy Loo! 

Emily and I's contribution to the New Year's Feast: Pigs in a Blanket! I love those things. 
Here is the quilt I made for Corgan for Christmas. It wasn't totally finished for Christmas, I will admit. But I did get it finished like a week later! What do you think??
For New Years Day we had plans of going to Durango for the day but the roads were too bad so we went to Grand Junction instead. We did a little shopping, ate at Famous Daves (pretty tasty), and then went to see Harry Potter. Even though it was Preston & I's second time seeing it, it was still good! 
Preston just chowin down on some ribs. 
We told Emily to stick her head in this and when she did she stood up and walked with it on. She is such a goof!

We had such an amazing time for our break! Even if it was -14 on our way home from Grand Junction. We cherish every moment we get to spend with those that we love and we can't wait to share many more Christmas' together! 

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  1. That is a gorgeous quilt, I love it. And I would have to say the Famous Dave's is my most favorite restaurant ever! Soooo good.

    P.S. you two make the most adorable couple.




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