Friday, January 14, 2011

Bad Blogger.....

Okay guys, its obviously no secret but I am THE WORST blogger there has ever been. I mean, seriously? The last time I posted was in NOVEMBER! That is a bit ridiculous. I swore when I made this blog I wouldn't be one of those bloggers. You know, the ones that only update like once every couple of months. And now look at me! I have absolutely no room to talk! 
Anywho.....I have some catching up to do! 

K so about a month ago or so (yeah, I said a month. pathetic, i know), my oldest sister, Amber, and her husband Mat came with their three cute kids to stay with us! Like I've said before, I LOVE when family comes to visit! It is THE BEST! 

(left to right: London, Madeline & Corgan)
While their Dad and Uncle Preston were busy being nerds and playing XBOX, all 3 kids snuggled up on the recliner to watch The Grinch on that little screen. I couldn't get them to pull their eyes away for even just one picture! Well, I guess I got Corgan to. But he refuses to smile at me. He can never decide if he likes me or not. One day he'll come to his senses and realize I really am the coolest Aunt of them all!! :D hehe
And by the way, don't be too offended by the hideous wallpaper in the background. One of these days it will come down and I will beautify those walls! (I don't think that day is any time soon unfortunately.) And not to mention that lovely paneling! YUCK! I profess to be going to school for Interior Design and look at my house! It is need of a serious upgrade! 

Miss London looking just as sassy as can be as we make some yummy popcorn! She is seriously such a funny little girl. She is OBSESSED with fashion! It is the funniest thing. She loves this blog. Probably one of the youngest followers of the blog, I am sure. I just love her! 

Just hangin with Aunt Syd! 

 He's totally thinking, "Maybe if I don't look at her, she'll go away"! He is just the cutest thing! It usually takes him up until the point that I tell him goodbye for him to like me. I can't help but bug him though! Not when he is that cute!

Two of the biggest nerds there are. I'm sure of it. Preston loves having boys over because it gives him an excuse to whip out the XBOX. Let's face it, I'm not gonna be very outgoing when it comes to Halo. However, if we get a Wii and buy Mario Cart, then I'm totally game. But until then, no siree! 

Clean baby! Would you just look at those eyes!??!! SOOO CUTE!

So while Amber & London went to Ballet West to watch the Nutcracker, the rest of us (Mat, myself, Madeline & Corgan) went to Chuckie Cheeses. I had Maddy convinced that that was way cooler than seeing the Nutcracker any day. And the best part is, she is still naive enough to believe me! I love it. But in all honesty, it was a lot of fun. Especially when Corgan messed his pants right after Amber left and when we got to Chuckie Cheeses and got him out of his carseat, he had poop all over him. And I mean ALL OVER HIM. Like from his shoulders to his toes. I don't know how he did it but he did. Anyways, your probably all like "Syd, TMI! TMI!". Let's just say I was glad Mat was there to take care of it! :D 

He eventually started looking more happy when he looked at me. Either that or he really likes those keys. 

After they finished up with the Nutcracker, we all met up and went to eat dinner at the Lion House. Can I just say that their food is AMAZING?!? I was in heaven. Those rolls are to die for and they have the most delicious chocolate cake. I have to go back just for that. After dinner, we looked at the lights at Temple Square and then headed up to check out the Zoo Lights. We had such a good time hanging out with them and can't wait for them to come visit us again soon! 

(Mathew, Corgan, Amber, Madeline & London Niesen)

No more middle part for me. The hubby wasn't so fond of it. And lets face it, neither was I. I'll leave that hairdo for those blessed girls that don't have the most annoying all cowlicks (is that spelled right?) to deal with. Merry LATE Christmas everybody!

And friends and family, come visit us soon! We love the company! :D 


  1. Oh my goodness. I think your little niece dresses better than I do! Too cute!

  2. Syd. I haven't posted since November 10. Yes, I'm one of THOSE bloggers! haha oh well! Looks like you had a fun Christmas break! I would love to come up and see your house and do a session in the SL Temple! Oh maybe one day!!!



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