Monday, November 29, 2010


This year we spent Thanksgiving in Annabella, UT. It is a tiny little town just outside of Richfield. It was a very short trip but we had a great time.

The day before we were supposed to leave, there was a MASSIVE storm warning. Everybody was talking about. People left work early and missed their classes just to get out of town before the storm hit. BYU's campus even closed down so that people could leave sooner for their Thanksgiving vacations. Well, all day I kept hoping for this so called "Blizzard" to blow in. And finally it did! Around 7 that night it started to snow and get really windy and I thought surely I was going to wake up to multiple FEET of snow the next morning. Well, my hopes were dashed. This is what it looked like at the beginning of the blizzard:
And it looked basically the same the next morning! I was so disappointed! I was glad that we could at least make it to Richfield to celebrate Thanksgiving but I was hoping to be part of the massive snow storm that everybody was talking about. Oh well. Hopefully the next time the weather men tell us about the biggest storm in years that is coming, it actually will come. They were right about the massive cold front though! IT WAS FREEZING! And it still is! The joys of winter. :)

Well, we made it to Richfield in plenty of time. We got there hours before anyone else in Preston's family did so we had some time to kill. We met up with our friend Tyson and his wife Kirstie. (See their blog here) We were able to grab some lunch with them and it was so fun to visit with them. Then Preston and I attempted to go hunt down a Christmas Tree. We were unsuccessful. :( We are hoping to get a real one so hopefully we can go hunting for one again this weekend!! 
Preston was SO EXCITED about all the snow! Either that or the fact that there was a little creek not far from us and he was so excited just thinking about the fish he could catch in it! 
It was FREEZING in Richfield! Thanksgiving morning it was -4! I have never experienced that kind of cold before in my life!! It makes you not want to even step foot outside! 
Overlooking the valley of Richfield/Annabella. 
Preston & I on Thanksgiving Day! Isn't he so cute?? I just LOVE HIM!
Preston's Grandma put Brit (my sis-in-law) and I in charge of a fruit bouquet. Neither of us had ever made one before so we were just going off of what his grandma showed us in a picture. I think it turned out pretty good for first timers, don't you?? (Check out these. They are just a little better than ours. haha)
I thought this was so cute of Joslyn. She fell asleep before Thanksgiving Dinner even started. I thought it was too cute how she was sleeping with her hands put "just so" by her face. 
And thanks to Preston's Uncle Gary, our Turkey had boobs. We all about died laughing! It sure was a tasty turkey though! 

Even though our Thanksgiving was short lived, we had a great time. Now it's back to school to endure just a couple more weeks of stress and then we can have a nice, long Christmas break. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!

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  1. Hey you need to update your blog. Oh wait...I have no room to talk. Mine's been almost 2 months! :) Merry Christmas to you both!!



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