Friday, November 19, 2010


We now have a third member in our family!!! 


Fin Bishoff :D

Yes, we are now parents to this little gold fish. His predecessor, Goldie, died right after we moved in to our house and we are just barely feeling like we can replace him. He lives right by the kitchen sink in an oversized mason jar. He loves it here-I can tell already! I bet he doesn't even miss all of his little friends at Walmart at all! After all, Preston and I probably make the best parents! :D hehe

Fin's new dwelling place. We promise to take better care of you than we did Goldie, Fin! Welcome to the family! 

1 comment:

  1. Um...remember Ammon Luther? He was my beta fish for a year and a half. I had him in college and he also moved down to AZ with me. I still feel like I can't replace him. I used to say, "Ammon Luther, wag your tail if you love mama." And he would. Oh fish are great! I hope you have as many memories with Fin as I did with Ammon Luther!! Congrats!



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