Thursday, October 7, 2010

What's Old is New...

Apparently, we love old stuff. We are living in a cute little old home right now, which we love, but we can never hide the fact that it is old. 

But the house wasn't enough for us so we searched and searched on KSL for one of these:

A camp trailer!! Yeah, it's a little old. But we love it!! We have high hopes for this thing. It's going to go lots of places with us. 

Proud new owner!! :D 

The "DeVille"

The first big adventure for this baby will be to ALASKA! We are already planning our summer vacation road trip to there for next summer. We can hardly wait! Bring on some serious fishing!! :D


  1. Syd!

    My sister and her boyfriend traveled all over the west coast in one of these and always talk about it as the time of their life. they named their ksl trailer "blanch" i'm sure youll have an appropriate name as well.



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