Wednesday, October 6, 2010


My cute husband and I got to bask in the sun for an entire WEEK on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera. What a way to start off your married life together! They cook your food for you, make your bed, always have clean towels waiting for you in your room and seriously wait on you hand and foot! We absolutely loved it! Preston was able to practice up on his Spanish (which he is so good at but will never admit it). Since Preston is so fluent, naturally, all of the Mexican people he talked to thought I was fluent too...YEAH RIGHT! I would just nod my head when they would talk to me or say "Si" or a simple "No se". I'll have to practice before we venture that way again. :D

Here we are almost to the cruise ship! We drove a whole ten hours to LA to board our ship and it was never a dull moment the whole way there! 
My sassy husband trying out these awesome chairs on the deck. Seriously, is he really that cute!?? Oh yea...

Here we are on our formal night of the cruise. It is so fun to dress up and go to a fancy dinner. Plus, it doesn't hurt when your husband looks so stunning in a suit. 

Here we are in Puerta Vallarta! (Sorry for the un-rotated pictures. My computer will not let me fix it. If anyone knows how to fix it, let me know!!)
I LOVE the streets in Mexico! The brick and stone roads are just so cute! 

They had these sand sculptures all along the beach. Here is one guy working on his. They make money off of them by having passers by give them tips. I thought it was cool so I definitely donated to him! 
Walking the streets of Puerta Vallarta! 

One of the beautiful churches in Puerta Vallarta.

Okay, I really think America should build walls like this. They have so much more character! 

Sittin on the dock of the bay...:)

At "El Set"

Apparently, this is Puerta Vallarta's claim to fame. It had the most beautiful view from the balcony.

We went on a tour of a Tequila Factory. Out of the 3 couples on the tour, two of those were Mormon. Consequently, our guide didn't get much business out of our group!

The bees sure seemed to enjoy it though! They were all over the place! 

On our tour of Puerta Vallarta, we got to eat lunch in the Jungle. It was gorgeous! Our table overlooked a little river. After we ate, Preston & another guy from our group decided to go for a dip. They had a lot of fun!

So I'm getting ready for dinner one night on the cruise, and I come out and find Preston just watching TV. I couldn't help but take a picture! He is the cutest guy ever! I love him! 

The Splendor as we sail away from Puerta Vallarta.

Riding in the coolest little taxi in Mazatlan on our way to go snorkeling! 

We refused to do excursions through the ship because they were so dang expensive. Luckily, we found this little boat to take us over to Deer Island (the snorkeling island) for only ten bucks! We paid him up front and he still came back later in the day to pick us up! Those Mexicans were so trustworthy! 

Our snorkel spot

Right after we went body surfing and Preston said a sand shark swam right up next to me....luckily I didn't see it. I'm deathly afraid of even the smallest minnow, let alone SHARK!

I want to go back so bad!!! Maybe one day we will...

Honeymoon pictures to be camera died on the trip and we took the rest of our pictures with Preston's camera. 


  1. So cute Sydney!!! Looks like a fabulous honeymoon!! SO so happy for you both!!! xoxo

  2. You people are too cute! Never done the cruise, but did spend a week in PV once....absolutely beautiful! I would totally go back too. You've made me want to try the cruise!

  3. You two are so cute together! Good pics!



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