Saturday, October 9, 2010

Charity Never Faileth

President Monson is truly a Prophet of God. I know it with all of my heart. I know that the talk he gave in the General Relief Society Meeting just a couple of weeks ago was inspired. Here is a little excerpt from his address:
"A young couple, Lisa and John, moved into a new neighborhood. One morning while they were eating breakfast, Lisa looked out the window and watched her next-door neighbor hanging out her wash.
“That laundry’s not clean!” Lisa exclaimed. “Our neighbor doesn’t know how to get clothes clean!”
John looked on but remained silent.
Every time her neighbor would hang her wash to dry, Lisa would make the same comments.
A few weeks later Lisa was surprised to glance out her window and see a nice, clean wash hanging in her neighbor’s yard. She said to her husband, “Look, John—she’s finally learned how to wash correctly! I wonder how she did it.”
John replied, “Well, dear, I have the answer for you. You’ll be interested to know that I got up early this morning and washed our windows!”
Tonight I’d like to share with you a few thoughts concerning how we view each other. Are we looking through a window which needs cleaning? Are we making judgments when we don’t have all the facts? What do we see when we look at others? What judgments do we make about them?
Said the Savior, “Judge not.”1 He continued, “Why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?”2 Or, to paraphrase, why beholdest thou what you think is dirty laundry at your neighbor’s house but considerest not the soiled window in your own house?
None of us is perfect. I know of no one who would profess to be so. And yet for some reason, despite our own imperfections, we have a tendency to point out those of others. We make judgments concerning their actions or inactions.
There is really no way we can know the heart, the intentions, or the circumstances of someone who might say or do something we find reason to criticize. Thus the commandment: “Judge not.”"

It was such an awesome experience to attend the Conference Center for the Relief Society Meeting. Their is such an incredible Spirit that is felt when you are in that building. My favorite feeling is when the Prophet enters the room and everybody just goes completely silent. Second favorite feeling: when the congregation sings. It is so powerful and beautiful. I absolutely love it! I love living so close to the Conference Center. I feel so blessed whenever I get the chance to hear the Prophet speak to me in person. He is an incredible man and such an inspiration to me.

The beautiful Salt Lake Temple! 

(Heidi S. Swinton - the author of Thomas S. Monson's Bio)
After the Relief Society Meeting they were doing a book signing for President Monson's new Biography. It was really neat to sit and listen to the author's experiences of visiting with the Prophet and learning about his life. We got really lucky and got a copy of his Biography that was signed by the Prophet himself! It really is a great book and so inspirational to learn about such a remarkable man's life.

If you don't have this book yet, you should! Go here to get your very own copy! You won't regret it! 


  1. Sydney, I'm glad you had such a wonderful experience at The General Relief Society Broadcast! Such a sweet picture of you and Sarah! I'm so proud of you girls, and I'm sure your cute hubbies are too! Keep enjoying this wonderful time in life!!! :D

  2. Love you Syd! just keep amazing all of us with your goodness!☼Love, Karen Ballantyne



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