Saturday, October 9, 2010

Down on the Ranch

Last week we ventured down South to Preston's family ranch. The whole purpose of this trip was for me to shoot a deer. Me, not Preston. I know, it still makes me laugh thinking about it. Every year my Dad puts me in for a hunt of some sort and this year I drew out for the Muzzle Loader hunt. For those of you who don't know, a muzzle loader is a big, noisy gun that uses black powder (that's as much as I know about it at least). And I was supposed to shoot a deer with that thing! I haven't ever shot a living thing in my life, let alone anything with a gun that size, and I was expected to shoot a deer with this complicated fire arm. YEAH RIGHT! That's what I kept telling myself. But I knew Preston would be so proud of me for killing my own deer so I committed to at least give it a try and if I happened to screw up somehow, Preston would take over from there. 

So off we went to the field where the deer usually trickle in and would be so easy for me to shoot. Unfortunately, we sat there for about two hours or so and the deer never came. As much as I hoped I wouldn't have to shoot one on my own, I kind of hoped I would get the chance so I could impress my husband. Oh well, I'm sure there will always be a next time. I don't think Preston will let me off that easy...
My parents were on a cruise to the Caribbean so my younger sister, Emily, got to hang out with us for the whole weekend! She is such a hoot to be around! She always keeps us laughing! 
Emily and her socks! 

Such a stupid picture of myself, but Preston made me wear these in case I had to shoot the gun since it was so loud. I look a bit ridiculous. 

Me and my cute hubby off to go shoot us a deer (or so we hoped!)

Smoochin' on the Ranch!! I just love him! 

The beautiful view from our hiding spot from the deer. 

Emily kept the fire burning for us! 

Daisy Dog! She isn't ours but I wish we had a doggie of our own! 

My brother-in-law Chad and his sweet baby girl, Kylie.

Preston etching our initials into the rock= pBs

The ranch is truly a beautiful place. It is so peaceful and relaxing. I just love it there! It makes me want a ranch of my own someday. Who knows, maybe we will! 


  1. WOHOOO!!! First to comment :) Your pictures look sooo good!! Man, imagine the potential with a super nice camera! You've got skills girl! I wish you would have gotten a deer too cuz the idea of you having to be around the dead thing kind of makes me laugh lol...gag refelx, just sayin. Hope your havin fun in Cedar!!

  2. Looks like you had a BLAST! Don't you just LOVE ranch living? My husband grew up on ranches so I always love going back to his home. They have 9000 orange trees and lots of cattle. Its a magical place. By the way, I am going to put your earrings in the mail today!! Look out for a little package in the mail soon!

  3. why the hell would you want to kill a deer? What right do you have? what about animal rights? you people are so uneducated, barbaric and sick. Poor animals that come into contact with you!

  4. Agree with the above comment. Just from looking at the photos, you can tell these people are not the most worldly or educated, however... this is the way they are brought up in those kinds of sheltered places- check out the girl- she doesn't mean to be cruel - she just doesn't know any better and maybe has never even had the chance to actually think for herself- i would be interested to hear her response.



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