Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Honeymoon Part 2...

Just looking at these pictures from our Honeymoon again makes me long to be somewhere warm. The cold weather is starting to creep in and I have a love/hate relationship with it. I LOVE that fall is so pretty and that the leaves are changing and falling from the trees. I HATE that it means that snow is coming. Snow is always so exciting and pretty the first couple of snow falls. But then it seems to stay and never go away. I love it for skiing but I hate it for driving.

Anyways, back to this post. Sorry for a bit of a tangent there...

These pictures came from Preston's camera. Consequently there are some goofy ones of me. ENJOY!
I love these chairs! They are so huge that you feel like such a little person sitting in them! 

Yours truly!
Preston and I all snuggly waiting in a lounge before we could be seated for dinner. Isn't that zebra couch AWESOME??
Walking around in the flea markets in Puerta Vallarta. We stopped to try on these cool hats!

Us in front of the Carnival Splendor.
Beautiful Sunset and beautiful boy!
Probably the prettiest sunset I have EVER seen! It took quite a few attempts to take this picture...it is always so windy up there! 
Me and the hubs.
Love this
The Arch in Cabo. Absolutely breath taking.
Me on the glass bottom boat before we went to "Lovers Beach". If you ever get the chance to go to Cabo, you have to go to Lovers Beach. It is a blast! The waves are so much fun to play in and it is a great snorkel spot too!
The other side of the arch. They said it looks like a dinosaur drinking out of the water. Can you see it?
Cute little crabs that were everywhere!
The ship!
Us on one of the last days of the cruise! 
Our yummy drinks. I forget what they are called but they were seriously delicious! They were our favorite things on the cruise. My personal favorite was this. The chocolate melting cake. I ate it EVERY NIGHT. It is THAT good. If you ever do a Carnival Cruise, you have to indulge in one of those. 
seriously, heavenly. :D


  1. You got so many cute pictures from your cruise!!! So jealous! Our next cruise will definitely be a warm one where we can actually sit outside in our swimsuits lol

  2. Hey. If you want warm weather, it's still like 90 degrees down here. Why don't you bring your new camper, your new hubby and yourself and come visit me! :)
    P.S. What an awesome honeymoon! Oh and you're inspiring me to be a better blogger. :)



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