Monday, August 12, 2013

BS reunion

This Summer has been full of family reunions for us.  On Saturday, we went down to Annabella, UT for the BS Reunion.  Preston's cute Grandma jokes that it is called that because of all the BS that goes on when we get together but what it really stands for is "Bishoff Sparks" (Sparks being her maiden name).  

It was a very laid back day but so fun to see so many people that we don't get to see but every couple of years.  We got there just in time for breakfast in the morning and then spent a lot of time relaxing and letting the kids play at the park.  

Later in the day we went shooting.  I got the chance to shoot MY new gun which, ironically, I am really enjoying doing lately.  I put emphasis on the fact that it is MINE because Preston seems to forget pretty easily that it's MY new toy, not HIS.  :)  It is a lot of fun to shoot.  We also got to shoot a ,50 caliber which was an absolute blast!  Once was definitely enough in one day for me but I loved it!  I never would have thought that I would shoot a gun that would throw my body back as much as that one did but it was worth it!

We spent the rest of the evening back at the park eating dinner (seems like that's all you do at family reunions lol) and visiting with everyone before we headed back home.  It was a fun filled day and we were so happy to see all of our loved ones.  We sure have been blessed with great families on both sides! 

^^me and my baba^^

^^Miss Kiley :)^^

^^Great Grandpa Bishoff and the June Bug!^^

^^The Bishoff Grandkids! 7 kids under 5!  Sweet little Amy is hidden, you can see her cute ponytail above Sammie's head. :)^^

^^South Sevier^^

^^Preston and Christine shooting.  Notice the tiny gun Prest is shooting. :)^^

^^Pretty desert^^

^^Trying out my new toy.  If you look closely you can see the fire coming out the end.^^

^The .50 caliber^^

^^These four little munchkins are all the same age!  Mark (21 months); Makayla (13 months); Sammie (12 months); & Amy (16 months).  Such little cuties!^^

^^Evan and his signature spiderman pose^^

^^Joslyn and Kiley with their second cousin, Mia^^

^^Scott, Brit, & Sammie are back from Texas!  We sure are happy to have them back!^^

Until next time, Bishoffs and Sparks! We had a blast! :)

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