Thursday, July 18, 2013

These streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you.....

I seriously felt like the whole time we were in New York, "Empire State of Mind" by Jay Z, was on repeat in our heads the entire time. I must say, there is a lot of truth in those lyrics.  And it's safe to say New York is in my number one spot of favorite places to travel.  I absolutely loved it!!  Preston served his mission there so it was fun to go back and see some of his old stomping grounds.  But let's be honest, one time wasn't enough.  I feel like I need to go back to visit every year for the rest of my life and even then I still probably wouldn't be able to see and do all that there is to on that island! We got to spend six days there and we definitely wore ourselves out by the end of the trip.  We stayed right in Times Square - it was awesome! I definitely underestimated how much walking I'd be doing... I don't recommend Hunter boots for walking long distances, I'll say that much.  However, we had an absolute blast and are already planning when we can go back.  I'll let the pictures tell the rest! :)

^^So happy to be back in his city. :) ^^

^^Central Park^^

^^The Plaza Hotel^^

^^The Rock^^
^^China Town^^

^^Riding the Subway!^^

^^Had to make a stop at Serendipity, of course!!^^

^^We spent a lot of time on the subway - I loved it!^^
^^Yummy hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant in China Town^^

^^Freedom Tower^^

^^Empire State Building^^

^^Gorgeous views^^

^^Flatiron Building^^


^^Grand Central^^

^^Carlo's Bake Shop^^

^^Brooklyn Bridge^^

^^I want to live here^^

^^Preston getting a sculpture of his face^^

^^9/11 Memorial^^

^^Times Square^^

We can't wait to go back! I {heart} NY!!


  1. That just made me home sick for new York. When can we go back?

  2. I love New York too! You're pictures are really good and totally capture everything NY is about!



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